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I understand that a florist will pick the very best flowers at there peak to be in your arrangements so that they will look stunning and I will have a florist do my bouquet's and boutonnieres.... However has anyone ordered flowers from an online provider? The exotic flowers I want as part of my centerpieces and decorative pieces can be purchased for much less online and self done but, I don't want to open a box with 1/2 dead flowers that I trusted to an online floral site. Does anyone have advise or pictures of flowers they have ordered from an online company? Bellow are the protea's I want to use as part of my centerpieces. the centerpieces will be sourounded by several 10, 7 and 4 inch pillar candles in pillar vases.


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    I have ordered flowers in bulk from online retailers with varying degrees of success.  Some have come pristine and others not so much.  I personally don't want to take that risk for my wedding, although I have done it for other events.  Making last minute arrangements can be a challenge, and keeping them fresh until you get them to your venue also can be a challenge space wise at home if you don't have a proper cool place to store them. 

    However, it's not impossible.  Most sites recommend that you order with a delivery date two days before to give the flowers time to properly re-hydrate.  Most flowers are shipped without any water.  If you live in a particularly cold or hot place you will want someone available to receive the shipment.  Also, you'll need lots of buckets to hydrate and store the flowers until you are ready to assemble your arrangements. 




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    My mom and her sisters are making my centerpieces...we are ordering the roses from They are wonderful...and have a bunch of other flowers. I did a conference and ordered roses from this site.....they came fedex....all the roses were closed and lasted for over 2 weeks after the event

    The rest of my flowers are being done my a florist.

    Good Luck

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  • Like PP said, make sure you have the space & hopefully cool area to store flowers after they come. If you are creative & have the time the day before your wedding to make all the arrangements & then deliver & set them up at your reception, go for it because it could be a huge cost savings.
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