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Florist and Flower Budget


I am in the process of selecting a florist, and I am scared of all these prices. What would be the budget for about 185 guests or 20 tables, all low centerpieces?
Also, has anyone worked with Adam Leffel/Petal Productions?

Re: Florist and Flower Budget

  • I was also scared about this process but was very surprised by how many florists were able to do what I wanted within my budget. Contact some florists about what you are thinking (total number of centerpieces, sizes, and anything else you need) and they will email you a price range. Although that won't give you an exact price I know it made me feel better because I was able to decide which florists I wanted to meet with based on their work and price range. I don't have any experience with Adam Leffel/Petal Productions but my florist is Bridal Bouquets by Jill. She has a website but her Facebook shows more recent work.
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    We chose all low centerpieces too.  Our florist charged about $75 for what we had chosen.  I bet if I got something a bit different I could've gotten them around $50 or $60.   It was much cheaper than the taller centerpieces (we were quoted around $150+).  Be upfront about your budget and see what the florist can do for you. 
  • thank you so much ladies!
  • I went to Avenue Florist in Elizabeth and Nathan was amazing!  Totally on budget and he gave us so much more than we imagined for the price.  I would suggest contacting him.  He really is amazing!
  • Go see Nathan at Avenue Florist. They work with ANY budget and idea and they do amazing work!! Highly suggest them! amazing amazing amazing!
  • Hi all - I ended up going with Adam Leffel Productions.

    Good luck to you all!

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