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2 for 1: Can I skip STDs? Online/email STD? Yay or Nay?

Hey all!  I have a couple questions so of course I turn to the experts! :)

So I really have no desire to send out STDs.  We are inviting 140 ppl for our wedding September 12, 2015.  All the important people know the date and will be there. We started wanting a guest list of 80 then it ballooned up *I know you know how that is!*.  So since we are less than 8 months away can I skip STDs and send out our invitations on the early side of etiquette?

If not to the skipping STDs entirely, I can't remember are online/email STDs tacky or trendy/earth friendly?  Invites will be snail mailed :)

Let me know! I appreciate you all as always :D

Re: 2 for 1: Can I skip STDs? Online/email STD? Yay or Nay?

  • Skip the STD's! Make sure you let the VIPs know the date (which I think is fine to do via email), and keep on planning. I wouldn't even bother with designing a digital STD.
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    STDs aren't required. Skip them. My daughter didn't bother with STDs, just got the word out to her VIPs. Somehow, without a year's written notice, guests arrived from the west and east coast, north and south, France, Ireland and Canada :)
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  • Don't do email/online.  Plenty of people will catch wind of the wedding date anyway.  Just skip them.  It's not a holiday weekend (but it IS my birthday!) :) 

  • Skip them. They're not necessary anyway. 

    Just because you skip STDs doesn't mean you should invites early, though. You should still send them in the etiquette timeframe - 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. Eight weeks if you want to be on the early side. Your RSVP date should be less than a week prior to when your caterer needs a final head count - no more than 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date. 

  • Agree. Skip the STDs and tell your VIPs however you want, email, text, phone call. I have only once gotten an email STD and it was mostly because the engagement was less than 3 months long so they needed to get the word out really quick.
  • You ladies rock!  STDs officially off the to do list!  This is also great because it saves some $.  Every penny counts!
  • Exactly why I didn't do save the dates. Dates are spread through word of mouth and Facebook. They just add an extra cost (stamps?!?!!!) and are repetitive! Plus, they just end up in trash.
  • I skipped mine and just emailed and called everyone. It was fun catching up with everyone, even though it took more time than it would have to save-the-dates (though maybe not? I still would have had to get everyone's addresses anyway...).
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