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Wedding Ring and First Look

For those that did first looks and photos before the ceremony, did you wear your wedding bands? I know we technically won't be married but I don't know if I want the majority of our photos to not include our bands. 
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Re: Wedding Ring and First Look

  • I hadn't even thought about this... but, I think we're just doing the first look and then all all other pics after the ceremony.
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  • That's a great question... we are having my engagement ring soldered to my wedding band before the wedding, so I won't even have my engagement ring at that point... That would mean none of our photos have our wedding rings in them. This could be a question for the photographer! :)
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  • @tcnoble I did the same thing. Great question!
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    Most people won't be looking at your photos that closely. Plus, your hands won't always be in positions that would normally show a ring.

    My ring isn't noticeable in a bunch of our post-ceremony pictures, so really... it doesn't matter. :)

  • Good to know. :) Clearly I am thinking about too much lol
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  • We didn't, but we also got some more photos after the ceremony during cocktail hour so many have them as well.  But like @wrigleyville said, in most pictures you can't tell, plus the close up shots of your hands aren't really the ones you frame.
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