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Do you like these RSVP options? Are they funny?


Re: Do you like these RSVP options? Are they funny?

  • I don't think you guys are giving old people a chance. I know the old people we're inviting and they're all pretty keen and I doubt they'd get confused over some playfulness. It's just a joke.  

    Certainly not trying to be funny with these or give the impression that we are funny (which I guess we're not), these just made me laugh and if I got them in the mail, I'd laugh a little too. And I can think of a few people who would choose "regretfully attend" and I'd honestly enjoy that. 

    Am I set on doing this? Not at all. I simply feel like you guys have very rigid ideas of what's okay and what's not and could stand to lighten up a little. i'm sure i'll get attacked for saying that but it's true about pretty much any forum on the knot. 
    To the bolded... if that's so why not just stick with regular, simple rsvp wording?

    You asked for opinions. No one ahs attacked you.

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    Sorry, but I think this is pretty lame. I found it funny maybe the first time I saw it. But no. 

  • Yea, just because I don't think these are funny doesn't mean I need to "lighten up". Humor isn't universal. I think a lot of things are funny, just not this.

    I think you need to lighten up over people's responses. It's an internet forum - take the responses or leave them - no one here actually cares what you end up deciding to do. You asked for opinions, you got them.

  • I think this may be confusing to some guests and as @southernbelle0915 said, when it comes time to give final counts to your vendors a simple 'yes' or 'no' will make your life a lot easier!
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  • My sister did something similar to this about 3 years ago when she got married.  I thought it was cute and funny.  With that said, knowing how many people had trouble just RSVPing the normal way ("yes" or "no"), I prob wouldn't do it.  I can't remember if my sister had people that didn't understand, though. 
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