Riverview/Waterview brides?

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I'm kind of at that point in our planning that I just want a simple, all inclusive, no fuss venue. Even though we liked Interlaken, it was expensive. I attended a wedding at the Waterview in Monroe last fall and it was nice. Any thoughts from Riverview or Waterview brides? Which one did you choose and how? 

I heard the biggest complaints online were food and supposedly watered down alcohol. Was this your experience?

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Re: Riverview/Waterview brides?

  • My brother got married at Riverview last year and I attended another wedding there a few months after his.  Overall I wasn't impressed.  I got the filet at my brother's wedding and it was very bland but I gave it another chance at my friend's wedding and it was just as bland that time.  Both weddings were in the room on the right and it is beautiful, but it wasn't conducive to a DJ.  I was the MOH at my brother's wedding and nobody could hear my speech because the DJ was in a corner and the sound echoed.  The photo booth was past the bar in the corner so everyone spent their time over there and missed the cake, parent dances, etc.  Everything was so spread out.  My biggest complaint had to do with the favors.  My parents covered the cost for them to brew, bottle, and label their own wine and beer.  The favors were not put out on the table until 30 mins before the end of the wedding.  Many guests had left at this time so my family was embarrassed that guests left without favors while others left with armfuls.  They ended up with cases upon cases of beer and wine (there were 200+ guests at the wedding).  When my parents and my SIL spoke to the wedding planner she was not willing to remedy the situation in any way.  What had happened was totally inexcusable considering the table they put the favors on was on the other side of the room and hadn't been in use since cocktail hour.  When my friends got married a few months later they did not have any complaints, but also made sure to tell the wedding planner that she was a wedding planner at a major wedding venue in CT for several years.
  • my brother and my sil had there reception there food was good but portion sizes were on the small side at dinner, drinks were not watered down at all if anything they were very strong. cocktail hour was plenty but there was one table in the center of the room and you had to wait in line to get some of the cold appz, 

    when you say you are looking for all inclusive and not expensive what is your budget becuase the riverview/waterview are expensive if you go off season and on a friday you can get it as low as 77 a person but in season and on a saturday its somewhere in the 100-150 a plate.

    i had my wedding reception at testas in southington the rooms inside are amazing marble floors in the hallway nice bridal suite for getting ready if you want to and for you and your party to relax upstairs while everyone is downstairs.

    the outside really is nothing to rave about the venue is between some houses bulding is nice but if you are looking for like a waterfall or a gazebo or grass for photos you wont find it there

     but the food so much food  the portions for dinner were big the chicken dish each person had 2 peaces of chicken. family style veggies and roasted potatoes. we had a package that included full sit down dinner, open bar and appz plus dj cake and centerpieces for 75 a person
  • We got married at The Riverview and everything about it was wonderful - except for the food. The service was great, everything went smoothly. The hors'dourves were all great, as were the stations we had. The only issue was the main entree. I had the veggie tower and I thought it was terrible. I heard from people that the chicken and fish were pretty good. My husband had the beef and he said it was okay. 

    They don't do a tasting, which sucks. But I think as long as you go with pretty basic options, it will be okay. It won't be stellar food, by any means, but it will be edible.
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  • I'm getting married at the Waterview in October on a Sunday night. It was the cheapest pp wise but I feel we are getting a lot for our money in regards to food choices. I have a family member who works there and says they have a martini bar they offer for an up charge but use that service as leverage in case they need to  compensate for something else. If anything should go wrong and you feel they should do something to make you happy don't be afraid to ask for a free martini bar. It costs them nothing!  Also the cake is included in your price and they make the escort cards so I'm definitely taking them up on that.
    I'm with you as far as wanting all inclusive and less stress for me. This isn't related to the topic but as for entertainment I chose Lights Camera DJs from Milford.  For under $6000 we have:
    • 2 photographers for 9 hours on wedding day
    • photo booth for 5 hours
    • ceremony entertainment
    • reception entertainment
    • up lighting for 5 hours
    • engagement shoot 
    • disk of wedding pictures
    • Italian leather wedding album.. i didn't care for but its included. 

    Justin is my DJ and they explained they are the ones running the show. I collaborate with them when I want the cake cutting, first dance.. the order of events and they keep us on schedule so I dont have to worry about anything!! they work with Waterview all the time too so that was nice. Amanda was our photographer. loveddd her.

    Combining the lower price at Waterview and everything they offer, and Lights Camera DJs I feel like everything will just flow so I'm super happy with my decision. Good Luck!!

  • I went to a wedding at the Waterview last summer, the alcohol didn't seem watered down to me! (I'm a lightweight though, lol) 
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