Wedding Planner yes/no?

Hey ladies, looking for some advice :)

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner. Wasn't sure if it's worth the money in my wedding budget. I was wondering what kind of questions you wish you could have spoken to a wedding planner about? Or things that would have been helpful to know or have assistance with.

Thanks! :)

Re: Wedding Planner yes/no?

  • I originally thought I could save on this [wedding planner] aspect of my wedding and do the planning myself. However, as an OOT bride I quickly became overwhelmed at where to begin, which vendors were reliable, and how to maximize my budget by choosing what to hire out and what to try to execute myself. My wedding planner helped with all of that, plus having someone on site the day of the wedding to execute the plan was a necessity. I never could have pulled it all off myself. At the very least, hire someone to come on the month of the wedding to help you with the last minute details and to be there for you the day of!!! I used Colleen Miller Events and they were super!!
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