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Clueless on License and Stuff

My fiance and I want to have a destination elopement. We live in Ohio and plan to have the ceremony in Florida. We're both really confused on the license aspect of marriage:

  1. Can we do licensing paperwork in Ohio to speed up the process? Can the Florida officiant sign it?
  2. Does everything have to be done in Florida if that is the location of the ceremony?

From this website, I found the following:

"You can get married in any county in Florida, regardless of where you obtained your marriage license."and "There is a 3-day waiting period after issuance of the license before you can get married."

Does this mean we can get our license in Ohio, and as long as three days have passed, we can then marry in Florida?

Re: Clueless on License and Stuff

  • You will need to get a Florida marriage license in order to marry in Florida. If you get a license in Ohio, you must marry in Ohio. Thankfully, your FL license will be legal in Ohio, so no issues there.


    If you know exactly where you'd like to get married in Florida, I can move your post to the local board there so locals can assist you with where to get your license once you arrive.


  • I know in the Keys in Florida....there is no waiting period if both persons are not Florida natives
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    We looked at getting married in FL... we live in AZ.  You do need to get the marriage license in Florida, if you want to marry there, not Ohio.  I believe all of Florida allows waiver of the 3-day waiting period if both people are non-resident of the state.

    You can get license from any county in FL and use it anywhere in the state.  Some states require that you have to get the license in the actual county you marry.  For example, I got married in New Orleans and had to obtain my license in New Orleans Parish.  A license from a different county wouldn't work. But, in Florida, you could apply for the license in Orlando and have the wedding in the Keys. But, you still need to obtain the license somewhere in the state of Florida.


    There is some good info on this site:


  • Thanks, everyone! With your help, and a bit more research, I feel more confident about my plans. 
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