Hi there. My fiancé and I are planning to elope in maui. We're looking to stay one of the resorts for a few nights so I'm not opposed to using the hotel to handle the details. However, the four season's elopement package was way too expensive. Does anyone have any advice or other options for just 2 people? Thank you!

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  • Hi there, 

    I am looking for the same exact thing- an elopement, not totally sure which island, but maui is a possibility.  It would be just the two of us.  From the research I've done so far, the resorts seem to charge a fortune to organize even the simplest wedding.  Have you received any advice about this yet?  If so, I would love for you to share.  I am new to this whole discussion board but it looks like no one replied to your post yet.  If I figure anything out, I will post it here, though I'm guessing you probably have your planning further along by now. 
  • Well, @kidforpeace, looks like I'm newly in the same situation as you.  We'll probably elope to Hawaii in a year.  I haven't looked into it yet, but I'd probably just book everything separately.  Book an officiant, book a photographer, schedule your hair appointment, schedule a fancy dinner for two.  What else do you need?
  • Hi there ladies, I too am eloping to Maui, already have my reservation in Kihei on the Island of Maui and we are using Mauius.com for our officiant, photographer and hair.  They are very helpful and informative, I have searched online at all of the different sites and they were the most reasonable.  I am getting The Simply Married Wedding Package for $425.00 which includes pictures and I am adding my hair for $120.00, they can also do make-up but I have decided to do that myself.  The hair can be done right in your hotel or condo room.  You can apply for your license online.  The only thing I have not done yet is the fancy dinner.  But I am thinking Judy at mauius.com will probably send me in the right direction there also.  Once we arrive on the Island she said she will have us go to 4 different beaches and pick out the one we want to marry at.  Simple as that.  I hope that helps.  Us brides need to stick together!! 
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