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Tuesday chat

Morning, everyone!

Last night I started working on the invitations - oh, don't worry, not the photogenic parts. I addressed the response card envelopes and got the website inserts (perforated business cards) printed and separated. Tonight I might work on addressing the outer envelopes. FI and I are debating whether or not to invite the President - did anyone do that?

Otherwise I did laundry and watched "Fantasia" because classical is the best stuff to work by. Tonight we have our first premarital counseling session - taking that test was nerve-wracking. I hope we came back compatible because if we can't get married because we flunk premarital counseling my parents will never let me hear the end of it. (What we would actually do is find a new officiant most likely unless something earth-shattering came up, which I doubt it did.)

How was everyone's Monday night? What are people up to today?

Re: Tuesday chat

  • Good morning!  I woke up to snow, which was a pleasant change from all the ice yesterday.  

    @keptinstitches I'm sure your test is fine and you will come back compatible.  

    I had a conference call last night with our team in China, so while I was on the call my bf ran out to Lowes and Home Depot and bought the ceiling lights that I picked out.  After I got off the call we went to install the lights into the living room and dining room to find that the electric does not work in the living room.  We also tested out all of the outlets, and there is no electric in the living room at all. Now my bf is trying to figure out what he did since that is the only room that we have an issue with.  Luckily, we haven't sealed up that room yet, so it isn't a huge deal to fix the wiring if that is what needs to be done.

    Tonight I'm having dinner with my sister since we didn't get a chance to celebrate her birthday over the weekend.  I made cupcakes last night and am going to make a brie tort once I get home. 
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    @KeptInStitches - Does something happen if you invite the President to your wedding? I've never heard of this. I'm sure your "test" went fine. H & I didn't do premarital counseling, but i've heard it's mostly to open discussions before you actualy get married. I've never heard of anyone actually failing.

    I'm a bit bummed today. H will be off work next Thursday & Friday, and somehow I got it in my head that it would be awesome to take a 3 night trip to San Francisco. I found us some really cheap flights and a reasonable hotel right in Fisherman's Wharf. Thinking this could be the last trip we get to take until Christmas...I was pretty darn excited. Well, I don't know why, but H seems less than excited about the idea. We have the money, he isn't going to get paid for those days anyway and it's a beach, fresh seafood, a place we've never been together (he's never been at all) with TONS of things to do less than 5 miles from the hotel. I cannot for the life of me understand why he's hesitating...and I'm so sad because now I really want to take a mini vacation before the baby gets here.

    Maybe he was just in a funk this morning...but i'm really dissapointed about it.

  • @allusive007 - A short trip like that sounds really nice!  Maybe he'll change his mind.

    Yesterday was so busy.  I got slammed at work, plus we had a new employee start yesterday and he was my responsibility.  After work my mom and I went to get that bookshelf, but they were cancelled and no longer available anywhere, not even online!  I found ONE of them, but instead of $198 they are trying to charge $450 plus S&H and tax.  No thanks, I'll keep looking.

    Hopefully today won't be as crazy, but we'll see.  I didn't sleep as well as I wanted to, so maybe an early bedtime tonight would be good.  My house is getting cleaned today (hooray!) so I am looking forward to that.
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    @KeptInStitches - We met with our officiant last week, and he just dove right in with the tough questions. It was sort of nerve wracking but also really good affirmation that FI and I are on the same page about stuff. I'm sure your test results will be fine! They can't ban you from getting married or anything right?

    @allusive007 - Booo, I'm sorry your H isn't in to the idea. Is he maybe just hesitant about traveling while you're pregnant?

    My evening was pretty low store, made dinner and did some tidying up around the apartment, watched the bachelor. FI watches with me (I only have 1 tv, so he has no choice if he's over) and we spent most of the show yelling at the tv. Good times.

    Tonight we're going to the Leafs game; it's a 7:30 start so it'll be a later night than I'd like, but it should be a fun evening...despite the fact that they're terrible lately!



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  • @KeptInStitches I'm sure your test results will be fine!

    @allusive007 I'm sorry your H wasn't enthusiastic about the trip. Maybe he just needs the day to think about it? I know my H always has a hard time when I spring things on him or start doing a project without talking to him about it first.

    @CocoBellaF Yay for house cleaning!

    Nothing exciting for me today. I need to call the contracting companies we aren't hiring to tell them we aren't hiring them...ugh. I hate that part of the process even though I know it's just business. I think I'm making Slow-Cooker Chicken Marrakesh for dinner tonight (yummmm sweet potatoes, chicken, diced tomatoes, and alll the delicious seasonings). I should also quit being lazy and work on cleaning the wallpaper glue off the walls in the kitchen tonight rather than wait til the weekend to do it. That way I can start prepping walls for painting instead.

  • I felt super icky last night and this morning. I did have a really yummy bagel though and now I want another one. It's really hard not to gain 1000000 lbs when all I want to do is EAT EVERYTHING!!!!

    Today I might go home at lunch time and work from home the rest of the day because I need to clean our bathrooms. DH's mom is coming over tonight to go to the phone store with H so he can transfer his plan. I might opt out of MIL time and just go to bed early. I don't feel like socializing.
  • @KeptinStitches we did a test and pre-cana for our wedding, the test we took was actually fun.  I enjoyed talking some of those questions out.  The pre-cana was a bit boring.  I'm sure the results will be fine

    @allusive007 that trip sounds wonderful.  I've always wanted to get to San Fransisco. Maybe bring it up again in a day or two.

    I'm in a better mood today, depsite having to cip the ice off my car.  I am exhausted though, it's been my theme lately.  I'm just counting down until when my show opens and the Bahamas. Part of me thought about calling out today or finding an excuse to work from home but I am here.  I hope the day goes by fast and the week I'm really looking forward to the weekend. 


  • @KeptInStitches - They can tell you that you can't get married based on a compatibility quiz? I wanted to invite the President but completely forgot about it when the time came.

    @speakeasy14 - How weird about the electricity! What kind of cupcakes did you make?

    @allusive007 - That sounds like it would be so nice! I hope your H comes around to the idea.

    @CocoBellaF - What does the bookshelf look like?

    @lmcooper86 - The Devils lost to.... THE OILERS last night. I'm so glad H and I didn't bother going. We actually decided yesterday not to renew our season tickets. 

    @labro - YUM! Recipe please?

    @southernpeach89 - I hope you feel better soon <3


    It took me 20 minutes to de-ice my car yesterday afternoon. I went food shopping, cooked dinner (ST Bangin Good Chicken Salad), and didn't move from the couch for the rest of the night. H and I skipped the Devils game, I think we both needed to recover from our busy weekend! 

    Now that we had time to relax I really want to get to work on some house stuff tonight. We've been really lazy lately. I think we had such a chaotic couple of months that we're both content with settling in slowly. But I'm ready to get some painting done. I might even force myself to make a decision on a kitchen paint color. 

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  • @Swazzle Here you go! I think I did the WW calculations one time and this is one of the lower ones. Plus the meal itself is super filling!

  • @swazzle, at her request, confettti cake with vanilla buttercream. 

    Do you have paint samples?  Tape them to the wall to help you decide which color you want. 

    @allusive007 I agree, he may just be hesitant to travel since you're pregnant, or he could just not have been awake enough to process it.  I'm sure you will have fun once you're there.

  • @KeptinStitches - I'm sure you won't flunk PMC.  I mean, if your officiant thinks that the results of some paper test are LAW on whether or not you guys should get married, you probably need a new officiant anyways.  I'd definitely prefer to flunk and then have a lot of conversations as to why than to pass and never talk about those things more, you know?

    @speakeasy14 - How do you have no electric in the living room?  That seems....odd.

    @allusive007 - Hopefully your H will come around. 3 days in San Fran sounds like heaven.  If you need someone to go with you, I'm down. ;)

    @lmcooper86 - Your night sounds glorious.  My favorite TV nights are when BF and I end up shouting at the TV together.  Usually, it's while watching House Hunters.

    @labro - You should definitely finish prepping your kitchen for new paint.  Because then you won't hate it!!!!


    I had a good Monday night.  I met up with @cschiano for drinks and food, and we ended up flirting with a pretty hot Irish bartender.  We also may have made inappropriate plans with @elleof8ed, so that was awesome.

    Tonight, M and I have our Shack Track and Field run, which is our monthly date night run.  We both do 3 miles, and then have burgers at Shake Shack, free milkshakes, and then go to trivia.  I don't know if I'm going to do trivia or not tonight.  It's not been fun the last few times I've been.  A new girl has started coming, and basically no one likes her, but the guy who organizes doesn't realize it and he's too nice anyways.  It's a problem.

    I also need to start doing some major design planning/sewing.  I have about 6 projects in the works right now that I want to get through, and I also just signed up for 6 swaps, so I need to get a move on.
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  • @Swazzle - The Leafs actually beat the Oilers on Saturday! First win in...10 or 11 games? Something awful like that. I don't have high hopes for tonight. FI is done with the team and just wants them to tank so we can get a better draft pick. There's a lot of talk of them basically ripping the team apart, trading almost everyone and rebuilding.

    @LaBro - That looks delish, I want my slow cooker now dammit!! I may try to make that recipe work on the stove.

    @CocoBellaF - Cool bookshelf. Are the back and sides open? Or is there glass? It's hard to tell from the pictures.



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  • @speakeasy14, @allusive007, @lmcooper86, @labro, @peaseblossom55, @swazzle, @peekaboo2011 - I have GOT to find sarcasm font. I'm pretty sure the test will be fine, too. We did the FOCCUS assessment and it was 250+ questions - there are going to be issues that come back, but since we've had a lot of major talks (kids, religion, money, etc.) we should be in fairly good shape.

    @speakeasy14, have fun with your sister!

    @allusive007, I hope your H changes his mind about a mini-vacation.

    @lmcooper86, have fun at the game!

    @peaseblossom55, break a leg - when?

    @peekaboo2011, have fun with the projects!
  • @lmcooper86 - It's all open.  I wanted to get big baskets and use it to hold our work out clothes, my scarves, etc. 
  • @goldenpenguin, we're doing chocolate-covered potato chips as our favors. I believe strongly in food.
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  • @GoldenPenguin I love koozies. We're finally starting to build a large enough selection so we can actually share them with people at parties. H and I use them all the time during the summer when we're having a beer.

  • @labro - That was my feeling too ... can you ever really have TOO MANY koozies?? I just want to minimize the "cheese" factor. 

    We aren't doing favors for the wedding - we're going to do a donation instead - for the same reason. 


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  • @keptinstitches the show runs the first weekend in March

    @GoldenPengiun thank you thank you thank you!!


  • @GoldenPenguin - We set out baskets of H's favorite Mexican sodas for our favors.  I'm not a huge fan of favors with dates/names on them.  Foodie favors are the best, IMO!  Local jams or honey, sweets, gourmet trail mix, stuff like that.
  • peekaboo2011 Honestly, with this house is doesn't surprise me.  We completely gutted the house and my bf has done all of the remodeling.  The original electric was old knob & tube wiring fused with modern wiring, so he had to redo everything.  It could be that he just didn't hook up that one room correctly. He's having his electrician friend stop by today to see if he can find the issue.  

    GoldenPenguin Groupon usually has deals for the personalized M&Ms.  I got them for my sister's shower for I think half off.  I'm not a fan of favors unless they have a purpose.  That being said, I love koozies because I get cold really easily, and hate holding cans/bottles (I'm the weirdo who will wrap a napkin/paper towel around my drink to keep my hands from freezing). The fact that it is a play on DMB is kind of awesome. Do they just fit cans, or do they work with bottles?  
  • @GoldenPenguin - @southernpeach89's ILs gave out koozie favors at her RD. I didn't notice any particular cheese factor. I don't really care about names/dates on it because it's a freaking koozie. It's like the nature of the koozie to come from a random event/place ya know?

    GoldenPenguinOllie08[Deleted User]
  • @GoldenPenguin I also like the koozies idea.

    I need a wedding redo we didn't do favors at our rehearsal dinner....


  • @CocoBellaF - Oh I love that!

    @labro - YUM! I'm adding that to my recipe list! Thank you!

    @speakeasy14 - There are about 14 different paint samples on the kitchen walls. I'm trying to semi-match it to the backsplash which is proving very difficult. 

    @lmcooper86 - That's what the Devils need to do. They're just SO bad, it's a joke at this point.

    @GoldenPenguin - I think edible is always the biggest hit when it comes to favors. I think my mom and MOH did wine stoppers though. I didn't realize you needed favors for the rehearsal dinner. I think the dinner is your way of saying thanks so they're not really necessary. 

  • @Allusive007 - Your mini-trip sounds like fun, I hope your H comes around to the idea.

    @KeptInStiches - Have fun at your premarital people have fun at those? I typed it out and it looked weird. Whatever, I'm sure you and your FI are compatible :)

    @GoldenPenguin - I like the koozies! You can always skip favors if you want though. I've never actually been to a wedding where they did favors.


    Last night I had to stay an hour late at work because 2 people came in for loans at the last minute and our vault didn't balance at the end of the night. Thankfully, we had just counted something wrong but we were so done with the day it took us longer than usual to figure out where we went wrong.

    This morning I actually feel awake. I think I got the first good night of sleep I've had in weeks. It's nice to actually feel awake in the morning instead of exhausted! I do have a minor cold though which is annoying but it's not too bad.

  • @speakeasy14 - I told FSIL about the M&M groupons! I found them too, and passed them along. 

    @swazzle - I didn't know people did favors for the RD either. *I* am not doing them though - FMIL is. You know this lady, she does what she wants.


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  • Swazzle said:
    @CocoBellaF - Oh I love that!

    @labro - YUM! I'm adding that to my recipe list! Thank you!

    @speakeasy14 - There are about 14 different paint samples on the kitchen walls. I'm trying to semi-match it to the backsplash which is proving very difficult. 

    @lmcooper86 - That's what the Devils need to do. They're just SO bad, it's a joke at this point.

    @GoldenPenguin - I think edible is always the biggest hit when it comes to favors. I think my mom and MOH did wine stoppers though. I didn't realize you needed favors for the rehearsal dinner. I think the dinner is your way of saying thanks so they're not really necessary. 
    That is STILL one of my favorite things to use.  I think of you every time Michael pulls it out of the drawer to stopper a bottle.
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  • There is THIS bookcase at Home Decorators, and THIS one.  They are both close...  ??
  • @GoldenPenguin I love fun koozies, and I think those are really cute. FI got a koozie for Christmas that we use all the time now:
    I've thought about ordering some goofy koozies for the wedding too. We're for sure doing a candy and popcorn bar as an edible takeaway though. Can't go wrong with food.

    @CocoBellaF Aw, what a bummer about the bookshelf. I'm sorry that didn't work out.

    @labro Take the glue off ASAP so you can work on painting even sooner! 

    @allusive007 Aw, I really hope your H comes around to the idea. It sounds like a fun, inexpensive weekend in a great city. I agree with the others that it could be a mix of him being nervous about traveling while you're pregnant and also just taking in the plans since he wasn't expecting it.


    I had a really fun Monday night. FI and I met up with @audrewuh and her H for dinner and drinks, and we had a lot of fun. We're going to set up a game night this weekend and play CAH and stuff. 

    I was incredibly productive at work yesterday. I'm actually a little worried that I was too productive and won't have anything to do when I work from home tomorrow. Since the CEO is asking my boss to somehow measure our productivity when we work from home, I've been trying to stockpile stuff to do on those days.

    I'm already counting down until the weekend. I have a 3-day weekend because of President's Day, and I'm looking forward to being as lazy as possible. 

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