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  • @eilis1228 I want the candy/popcorn bar!!! That sounds like fun!!


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    @GoldenPenguin - Is it weird that I don't own a single coozie? I don't think I've ever even used one! But I think the design is adorable.


    I don't remember who on here I connected with over asshole brothers, but apparently mine spent the whole weekend in jail because he pushed his wife off their front stoop onto the lawn. And now she has a restraining order against my family because she's claiming we threatened to kidnap her kids. And my brother moved in with my mom for the time being..... I'm visiting at the end of the month, and I sincerely hope he's not still staying there, or I will probably stay at my sister's place.

    However, to be the good example, I am trying to change my bad habit of letting dishes pile up, so if I do dishes every day for the rest of the month I will buy myself the two purses that I've had in my etsy shopping cart for forever. So far, I've done dishes one night in a row. Woo! ;)

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    @peaseblossom55 I'm really excited about it! The owner of our venue has all the apothecary jars and linens and signs for it, and she sets it up really nicely. We'll do like 4 different popcorn flavors and then a few different jars of candy. Probably set up the candy to do a "His Favorite Candy" and "Her Favorite Candy" display. One of my cousins said she has extra favor bags that she'll send me, so it should be a really inexpensive/easy takeaway for the guests. 

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  • @CocoBellaF - I don't know exactly what size or anything you're looking for, but World Market has an Industrial looking bookshelf on sale right now...

  • @allusive007 - I did see that one and have it bookmarked!  :)  Thanks!
  • Still no word from the private seller that has the dress I want to buy =(

    I should call my mom and make sure she's not going to feel robbed of a SYTTD experience if I order on-line, but with the timeline we're looking at scheduling is going to be nearly impossible.

    Heard back from the caterer with answers to the questions we'd asked, now I just need to convince FI that we should host a bar.  I'll work on that this weekend ;)

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  • My bf was able to figure out the electric issue! One wire wasn't fully connected.  At least it was an easy fix and now the living room can be spackled and painted!
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