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When are you all sending out your invitations? I put down the RSVP date 5-6 weeks before the actual wedding. How long should we give guests to respond?

Re: Invitations

  • We are doing a two month early RSVP date.  So I am sending out in the next week or two.  Since our wedding is out of town for most they should already know.  I've read on a couple different wedding websites/blogs that it's not terrible to have a short reply period since it helps encourage people to respond promptly rather than thinking "Oh I've got some time before I have to do this" and then forgetting.
  • Yea I am thinking about sending mine out by the beginning of next week. I just want to cross one more thing off the list of stuff to do. Are you doing anything in particular with your invitations? I heard it is a good idea to number each one and keep track of who is with each number. I guess it makes it easier to see who your missing and what not.
  • theycallmelinztheycallmelinz Georgia
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    I'm sending ours out the first week of February and asking for RSVPs to be back in early March. I'm ready to get this show on the road!

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains
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    I'm sending mine out at the end of February - 8 weeks before. Not sure exactly when RSVPs will be due, I have to check my venue contract again tonight and find out when final numbers are due. We'll probably set RSVPs for about a week or two before then, give us time to track down stragglers.
  • Our date is 4/11 and we are planning to send out our invitations on 1/24 with an RSVP date of 3/1. That'll give our guest about 5 weeks to respond. 
  • Our date is 4/18, we'll probably send out the invites the first week in February.  I'm gonna have to check w/ the vendors to see when the final headcounts are due though! 

  • @futureMrsMayhle I decided not to number them but I have a ridiculous spreadsheet for my guest list that I have made (nerd alert!).  I had friends that numbered though and they said it worked out super well. 

    Hooray for one more thing checked off the list!
  • Traditionally, invites are sent out 6-8 week prior to the wedding date. For our April 18 wedding, we will have our invites in the mail right about Feb 21. RSVP date will be 2 weeks before.
  • Doing a destination wedding, so I'm sending mine out next weekend to give 3 months... and the RSVP date is a month out from the wedding.  Also, I did put little numbers on the RSVP cards... really tiny in the bottom back corner.  Barely legible, but hopefully I'll know who they are if no names are on them!
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  • I'm planning on sending them out at the end of the month, RSVP date is one month prior to the wedding.
  • We just sent our invites last week (our wedding is April 25th), and asked them to be returned in early March. Most of our guests are from out of town, so we wanted to give extra time and sent them a little earlier than we really needed to.
  • Mine went out yesterday for an April 18 wedding, RSVP date of March 27.  It's a week or so early, but nothing too crazy.  All of my out of towners got Save the Dates so they've made their arrangements already.

  • Whoops, looks like I'm a slow poke compared to you guys..

    We probably won't send our invites until the end of this month. Everything I've seen says 6-8 weeks out, so that's what I'm going with. We sent save the dates, so everyone should already be at least a little mentally prepared. :)

    I'm also doing crazy letterpress invites and calligraphy and stuff (all DIY, almost) because stationery is kind of what I do for a career, haha.
  • Mine went out today we are 4/18 and the rsvp deadline is 3/27 I could have waited until next week but I had time today so I did it.
  • We sent ours out on 1/24 and we have only received a 1/3 of responses with the deadline being March 1st. I hope we get hit with a bunch of RSVP's with in the next 2 1/2 weeks or else we are going to have to chase people for a response! Fingers crossed they will RSVP on their own! 
  • Our wedding is April 25 and we have the deadline being March 14. We did it early just so we can prepare the caterer with how many people and their menu choices. It will also allow us more time to plan on how many tables and everything we need for sure of. We sent ours out last week and have received prob 10 RSVP already

  • I've been trying to wait till saturday [2/14] to mail them for a 4/18 wedding with rsvps due 3/28...but i might cave and mail them tomorrow lol
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