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My proposal story 1/24/15

Saturday, We dropped  my daughter off with her dad. Blindfold went on. It was the longest hour and a half of my life! I could finally take it off and we were in Birch Run (a city mostly known for its huge Outlet Mall). "Ooooo! You're taking me shopping?!?" As we walk up to the hotel, I see an ice sculpture. No way! It's Snowfest (in nearby Frankenmuth)? Woohoo!! We got dressed up. It took us an hour to drive 8 miles because of all the traffic to get there. We park about 1 1/2 miles away from the Frankenmuth Brewery and walk (I was in 4 in heel boots). We waited an hour for a table (We were supposed to wait longer but we were hanging out by the hostess station drinking and they liked our demeanor and patience so they sat us sooner). We sat by the window and watched the fireworks. He seemed a little perturb that we weren't outside for them, even saying "Is it bad I want to go outside to watch these?" To which I replied "We just got a table. We can see them from here. This is just fine." He said okay but we were now behind schedule and we absolutely had to be at the next spot before 9pm. So we ate, drank, and left. He's somewhat hauling ass and I'm following him (in 4 in heels). He has trouble finding the place we're supposed to be. And of course, I can't help cause he won't tell me anything. 
Finally, he ushers me into this line. We're the last people for a bit. I see horse drawn carriages off the way a little. Hmmm... I know what's going on! Then people got behind us and ask "Is this the line for the carriage rides?" He just gets this look on his face and looks at me. I tell him that I already saw them and how excited I am because I never thought I would ever go on a carriage ride like this (except for the "taxi" ones on Mackinac Island).
So we wait another half hour or so in line. He helps me on. I nuzzle up to him. and the ride starts. We pause for a second and he starts fiddling in the inside pocket of his jacket (on the side I'm cuddled up to). He starts kissing me and starts moving and gets down on one knee as the carriage starts moving. All of a sudden there was nothing but celestial-type clouds and static in my head. I think he said something like "I do have one question I have to ask you..." At this point, I'm totally stunned. It's strange that, even when you are anticipating something, your body still goes into shock when it actually happens. I know he asked, although his voice was muffled by the fuzz in my head, "Will you marry me?" At that point, my filter was absolutely paralyzed. So, the first thing that popped in my head came out of my mouth. "Oh Fuck!" quickly followed by "Yes!!!!" 
I was smiling so much on the rest of the ride, my face hurt by the end.

I apologized to him for swearing. He said it was cute, it showed how stunned I really was. And I still don't know how we got thru that whole night without me feeling the ring box in his pocket.

Here it is! (Excuse my swollen fingers. We drank a lot of beer.)

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