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Wedding 911

Etsy Review Gone Wrong

I tried to do a nice thing.  And it's totally backfired!  I worked with an Etsy shop to get custom stationery designed.  The design was beautiful, they printed so easily, and the girl that designed them was great.  So I left a review. 
I rarely purchase on Etsy.  Apparently they put a photo of what you purchased right there next to your review.  The photo they're using is the proofs of the stationery.  So it has our names and wedding date/time/location.  To make it worse, and the reason for my panic, she designed directions cards for our after party.  So there's literally something out there that has our home address, directions on how to get there, and, for added convenience, the date/time when we can guarantee no one will be home. 
I'm freaking right the fuck out!!!!!
The girl I reviewed responded quickly to my request to delete or blur the photo.  But she has no way of doing it.  So far, we've both emailed Etsy, and I've "requested" a phone call from them.  The only response I've had is that my problem can't be handled by the phone people, and they've passed it on to someone else.  I can't delete the review.  It's only been a few hours, but I'm losing it a little more every minute.  And they frown upon drinking at work.  I need lots of wine.
I'd love it if someone has some good advice.  If not, please learn from my horrible mistake!!  I can at least be a cautionary tale. 

Re: Etsy Review Gone Wrong

  • Please try to relax. Very few people are going to click onto that sale and even fewer are going to bother to read every detail on the pictures. The seller does need to know not to post her customer's names and addresses, so that's a good learning experience for her, but it's not the major security breach that you seem to be thinking.
  • Thanks for talking me down.  These days, it just seems so icky to have that info out there.  I work with credit apps, so I see a lot of people that have had their identities stolen. 
    It was something in the way Etsy's programming put together the review.  Until then, the photo had been private to the two of us.  We were both taken by surprise and have learned the lesson.  I guess I just wanted to let others learn from my poor example.
    Good news: I finally heard back from Etsy and they've fixed it.  Happy dance!
  • Most people will probably think it's just the generic "sample" she had posted.  I'd never assume it was the one you specifically purchased...and that's if they click on it at all.  I only read reviews, never look at what they purchased.

  • rcher912rcher912 Philadelphia member
    100 Love Its 100 Comments Name Dropper
    Agreed with above - I'd think it was a totally random person/address.

    And I'd probably not even be reading it but thinking "ooo, pretty colors!" or "ugh, they spent money on THAT?" :P Glad they fixed it for you anyway.
  • That's not your mistake, that's the seller's mistake, she shouldn't have used that photo on the listing. Have you checked her Sold Orders list? (When you're viewing the shop, on the far left under the profile avi there should be a think with ### Sales which is a clickable link). If she included a photo that was a proof of your item when you purchased the listing, it will possibly also show up there as well. It's one reason many sellers -- myself included -- use a generic "Custom Order" listing type photo.

    That being said, most people will probably look at it and think it's a generic address and not think anything of it.

  • Thanks, @redoryx.  I'm definitely not up on how Etsy functions (clearly!!), but I *think* the only place the seller had placed my proof was in our back-and-forth communications.  I hadn't noticed it in her Sold Orders list.  But... I'm not sure I ever looked... 
    After my chat with Etsy's Trust & Security lady, it looks like my proof has been removed from everywhere that is publicly available. 
    When I look at those types of samples, I normally think they're generic addresses and would hope that anyone that bothered to look at our proof would think that, too.  But our house is hard to find, so our directions card has additional notes like "your GPS will tell you to turn on X Road.  Ignore it because that road isn't there."  So it doesn't really have that "generic" stock feel to it.  The idea of it being out there just made me a little squirmy. 
    I'm just glad that it's down and that my internet is a little more safe. :)
  • Glad you got it worked out! 
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