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What to do with my bouquet

So, I am a little stuck. We do not have a bridal party so I need a way to set my bouquet aside during the ceremony vows and such. Any ideas? I was thinking maybe have my mom near and she holds it and then she gives it back? Same thing with the rings. Any creative ideas on that? Like I said, not wedding party at all (no bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer).

Re: What to do with my bouquet

  • You could have a vase to set it in just on a small table or column. As for the rings, either give them to the officiant before the ceremony or you each hold the other's.
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    We didn't have a WP either. I handed my bouquet to my mom, seated in the first seat of the first row. I didn't even think about it until we went to say your vows and I just turned and handed it to her. DH kept the rings in his pocket. His dad held on to them until right before the ceremony started.
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    We didn't have a wedding party. I handed my bouquet to my mom, who was sitting in the front row on the end. She handed them back to me before we recessed down the aisle. H's father held on to the rings and brought them up to us when it was time for the ring portion of the ceremony. NBD.
  • You could set up a small, pretty table off center from where you are standing and set it there. Or, you could hand it to someone nearby. Or, if someone is walking you down the aisle, you can hand it over once you make it to the altar. 

    Why not have your officiant hang onto the rings?
  • Glad you asked this- I have no WP either. But I remembered we are signing our license at the ceremony so I'll need some sort of table probably for that. I'll just lay it there (I'm probably getting a sola bouquet).
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    I had BMS but no MOH and in our catholic ceremony the bms sit in the first row, not up at the alter with me.  To be honest, it all happens so fast that I have no idea who I handed my bouquet to or got it back of them took it as the ceremony started and then must have given it back at the right time because I had I again as I walked down the aisle to leave!  I'd just pass it off to someone in the first row (mom)  As for rings, our priest had them before the ceremony even began so we didn't have to worry about them.
  • I'm glad you asked this question! We're not having a wedding party either and I hadn't thought about this much yet. I will probably hand my bouquet to my mom and have Groom hold the rings. 
  • There are a couple cute pictures at my sister's wedding of my mom holding my sister's bouquet during the ceremony.
  • Is someone walking you down the aisle? I'm not having a WP either, and I think I will just give it to my dad when we separate. And then he/my mom can hand it to me as I walk by in the recessional.
  • If I hadn't had a WP, I would have given the bouquet to my mom (she was holding my vows). Maybe if your mom is holding your bouquet, your fiancé's mom (or dad) could hold the rings? Or your fiancé could keep them?
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