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Re-sizing a semi-eternity band in NJ?

Hello ladies,

I got engaged this past December, and my ring turned out to be a bit too big for my left hand!

The ring is a cushion cut diamond in a halo setting, with a semi-eternity band, so the diamonds do not go all the way.

Does anyone on here have an experience re-sizing a similar ring? Is it safe? Will the stones get lose? Will the main stone be affected? And the main question of all, does anyone have a good, trustworthy jeweler in New Jersey, who is up for the task?


Thank you!


Re: Re-sizing a semi-eternity band in NJ?

  • I have a semi-eternity band also. It was a tad big on me, too. I had absolutely no problem to resize it.
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  • Thank you! That puts me at ease! 
  • Have you tried wearing it with a band? Most times the rings will feel more snug when you have multiples on, and after re-sizing it might be a bit tight. If its 1/4-1/8 size too big, I'd leave it and wait until you have your band, or try sizing beads that are easily removable. Keep in mind that it is also winter, and your hands/fingers are smaller now than they are in the summer.
  • Thank you for the advice! I actually decided to order a simple band to hold it in place, and like you said, wait for the summer! If it is still loose, I will probably go with the sizing beads! :-*
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