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September 2015 Weddings

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am having such a hard time trying to find a bridesmaid dress that I love.
My bridesmaids are all different shapes and I am trying to find something that will be flattering on all of them.  I do want them to wear the same material and the same color, but they can decide what looks best on them; strapless, halter etc.
I have tried David's Bridal for an affordable option but nothing is making me yell, I LOVE IT!
Where is everyone getting their bridesmaids dresses?
My wedding is September 6th so I think I have some time for a decision, but I would like to pick one sooner rather than later!

Re: Bridesmaid Dresses

  • I found my dresses at Le Chateau. When I asked my girls what they were comfortable spending they said their max was $200. I found dresses that were originally $150 marked down to $99 that they got during Black Friday sales for $50. One girl is a size zero and the other is probably a 10 or 12. It flatters both of them. Think outside the typical "bridesmaids dress store" box. http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/Lightweight+Bengaline+Shift+Dress/productDetail/Dresses/325553/cat37630709?navAction=jump&navCount=0&categoryNav=true&selectedColor=Black
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  • Hi....I am having the girls order their dresses from Azazie.com. They have a lot of styles and colors. Prices start around 89.00 and go up from there. I picked 5 styles all the same material and they picked what they wanted. And the plus is that they are custom made each girl
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  • My girls are wearing Bill Levkoff dresses.  I asked them to wear the same material and color and choose a style that they like best and is in their budget
  • Look around the Dessy group, they have tons of options, plus they're carried all over, so if you have girls in different states, chances are they can find a store close to them to order the dress. 
  • My girls are wearing Bill Levkoff dresses.  I asked them to wear the same material and color and choose a style that they like best and is in their budget

    My girls are also wearing Bill Levkoff!  After deciding budget, I chose short, chiffon, plum dresses and so far they are all interested in different styles for their different bodies.  It's going really well as there are 47 options to choose from (maybe more now with spring lines).
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    Bill Levkoff and Dessy are great suggestions - I was just on Dessy, and their Short Twist Dress is currently on sale for $99 (down from like 140, I think) - I like that idea because the same dress, same color, same low price, can be worn in a bunch of different ways depending on how you feel that day. Although I haven't tried it on, so I don't know how well it stays....

    @tj&;cw that is the DREAM! Good for your girls! And that dress is so nice, I'd wear it to work AND social occasions. Just fabulous.
  • Yes!  I looked at Bill Levkoff too and I am going tomorrow to have some of the girls try them on.
    I love how they are all similar but slightly different.
    Price range is around $150, right?

  • Right now my girls are leaning towards Jenny Yoo dresses because they're super versatile and can be worn in different ways to suit their body type (though they are on the pricey side). Theyre also flowy and comfortable which is nice since we will be doing alot of photos on the beach.


  • @courtc77 I wore a Jenny Yoo dress as a BM 5 yrs ago.  It was in silk chiffon and it was just gorgeous, but, yes pricey! As long as your girs are OK w spending that much on a dress then that's great!

    Funny, I've read ALL over these boards that you need to ask your BM's individually, what their budget is for a dress.  I've been in 3 weddings, and I've NEVER been asked this.  I told my girls as a group to pick which style they like best and was w/in their budget, which I think was fine enough.  I was in all 3 of my BM's weddings so now it's "their turn."

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    My girls purchased Jim Hjelm dresses.  They asked me to chose dress that I liked although I told them that all I wanted was for them to all get their dresses in a deep chocolate shade and from the same designer in the same material.  I chose 5 dresses and sent out an email asking them to narrow it down to 3.  I then took one of my BMs to try on all three dresses and together we chose the winning dress.  The other girls were fine with the choice.  The dress flatters all of them.

    For the best price I called Pearl's Place and then called the bridal boutique where I saw the dress in person.  At the boutique it was around $250. Pearl's Place offered it about 15% cheaper.  When I asked the boutique if they were willing to match the price they said they couldn't go down that low but did offer a reduced price of about $220.  My girls were happy with the price and we purchased from the local boutique since after paying for shipping from Pearl's Place the cost would have been about the same.    

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  • My girls are all different shapes and sizes so they're wearing these black infinity dresses, they can be worn in several different styles... $35 on Etsy!!
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