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Print yourself invites??

Just wondering if anyone has used the type of invitations they sell at, say, Walmart that you buy and print on them yourself? They are quite a bit cheaper and they do have some cute ones so I was curious if anyone has done this? I have no clue how you print them because it says just about any printer will work with them...I'm a little weary!
Thank you!

Re: Print yourself invites??

  • I used them for 2 of my DDs' weddings and supplemente then with inserts for transportation, accomodations, etc.  BUY AN EXTRA BOX! With last DDs wedding we did not buy an extra box and had several envelopes with smeared glue.  Watch for the 40% off coupons at Michaels or Joanne's or watch for the 50% off sale on wedding stuff at Hobby Lobby.
  •  My parents owned a
    small printing shop for 35 years and I worked for them through high school and college.
    During that time I cannot count the number of people that came in with these
    kits because they could not get them to work, or work consistently, in their
    printers. They would come in with the kits and we would have to set up the
    invite, run a plate, and put them on the press. The cost was not too much, most
    were small orders; and at this point you are paying for set up time since once
    that is done running 50 invites on an industrial printing press vs running 500
    is not that much different. But I imagine it was more than they wanted to spend
    considering they thought their cost would just be the box of invites. However,
    when you factor in how much ink you might need to buy things change. Now do not
    get me wrong LOTS of people have gone this way and it has worked out perfectly.
    This is just meant as another viewpoint.

    I personally will not be using something like this.  We still have friends in the industry and
    since all I want is a simple raised ink panel card I will get them at cost. You
    can always call around to print shops in your area and ask about the cost of a
    simple panel card and envelopes. These days this can be done on an industrial
    copier fairly simply and might save you the headache of doing it yourself.

    HTH and let us know how it goes!

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