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Hello fellow brides. My fiancé and I are planning a destination wedding to New Orleans. I am going insane over trying to choose the perfect venue for the ceremony and the reception. There are so many really nice venues. My wedding guest list will be small 30 guests. I am having the hardest time trying to decide between The Ritz Carlton, Windsor Court, JW Marriott, Omni Hotel. I also wanted my wedding ceremony in Jackson Square. Has any of you married at either of these locations? How was it? And which do you prefer? Thanks Destination going crazy bride


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  • I have not been married in either of those places, but they all sound nice/have heard good things about them.  One of my hotel room blocks is at the JW Marriott.  Also, Jackson Square is gorgeous, just make sure you plan the day/time you're getting married around the crowds.  You can rent out Jackson Square for wedding ceremonies at a fairly low cost. 


  • Look into the Royal Sonesta Hotel Courtyard, Hotel Mazarin and Maison Dupuy (sp.?) Hotel. They are all beautiful! Jackson Square is gorgeous as well but like PP said, look into the time your ceremony will be taking place. All of your places in mind are in the higher price range too. Not sure of your budget. 

  • Also, to add on to @NOLABride2417... I love Mason Dupuy!  Super nice, but if you're getting married in the fall (esp October) the minimums for Fridays and Saturdays range from $10,000-$12,500.  Like the pp said, higher price range.
  • I feel your pain!  It took me forever to decide on my venue for about 50ppl.  After talking to Hotel Mazarin and Rosy's Jazz Hall I eventually settled on Chateau Lemoyne.  Hotel Mazarin is absolutely beautiful but after running the numbers for them, it was just too much for too little.  I am thrilled with my choice of Chateau LeMoyne!  Their coordinator Emily is nothing short of incredible!  The courtyard is pretty, not as pretty as Mazarin but it can be decked out pretty easily.  They have an adjoing ballroom that is basic and not the most opulent but again, can be worked with.  The menu options are incredible, and the whole thing has turned out to be very affordable.   

    Other places I've heard are nice are:
    The Paris Room
    Maison (if you are going for a music theme)
    Tomas Bistro
    Marigny Opera House
    The Pharmacy Museum
    The Wax Museum
    Irish Cultural Center
    Court of Two Sisters (restaurant)
    Degas House
    Race & Religious

    That's all I can  think of right now.  Hope this helps.
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