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Help!! Shore Goers please help me choose a month based on everything !

 I just looked at the Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ and fell in love! We are trying to decide between mid September or a little later October for our wedding! What month do you think would be a better choice? We want to be able to be outside. I think September, but the only reason we leaned towards October is because they have an outdoor restaurant and the end of October that isn't open so the entire outside will be ours. In September a portion will be blocked off for us outside and they said they haven't had anyone complain about that yet, which makes me feel if it was an issue they would of changed it. For both months all of cocktail hour is outside and restaurant isn't open during that. October they just leave the cocktail hour chairs set up instead of opening restaurant. We are looking at a Sunday in September, so figured the restaurant wouldn't be that busy anyways after everyone just finishing up the summer. I am just really torn between which decision to make

Re: Help!! Shore Goers please help me choose a month based on everything !

  • Early October can be ok. There are breast cancer walks in October at the shore.  The mornings are chilly but by noon usually not too bad.  Maybe after sunset it gets chilly again.  So depending on what time of day you are planning to have everyone outside, October might be ok.  Also, if they have those outside heaters, that would help too, if it's at night.
  • If weather permits we want to do a beach wedding which would be from 4-430  than cocktail hour is held outside from 5-6 and than you go inside for reception from 5-10 and all doors are left open to outside where the bar and some lounge areas are set up for people to enjoy.  I just want a month that will most likely be guaranteed more comfortable weather for our guests! We considered the beginning of June, but felt there was more chance of crowds since everyone is excited for summer and wants to get outdoors and start to go to the beach….
  • I would definitely shoot for October or late September. Anything after LDW is usually safe!
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    I think October would be too late to have anything outdoors at the shore.  I would try for September. 

    You did mention June in your follow up post.  As someone who worked in Wildwood Crest tourism for 10+ years and have been going there my entire life, I think you would be fine having a wedding in early June.  Typically, Memorial Day Weekend is crazy at the shore, then it dies down considerably until kids are out of school, around the 3rd weekend in June, then it amps back up until Labor Day Weekend.

  • September!  I am having my wedding down at the beach that month.  September people are still in beach mode and the weather is nicer and people may be more willing to make a weekend out of your wedding if the weather is nicer.  Last year we did a run in October in wildwood and  Noreaster came in and it was cold, but you can run the risk of any weather happening.
  • Also if it helps, we were down at the beach last September and sat at the outside bar while a wedding was going on. They had the entire left half and had satellite bars and that had a big area. 



    It wasn't too crowded and it was a Saturday night.  Being on a Sunday it should be fairly empty, but it is nice to have access to that big bar though.

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