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Off Broadway Florist in Lorain

Good morning ladies-

Looking to see if any of you or know of anyone who has used this florist, Off Broadway in Lorain.  I was referred to them to do my wedding flowers.  And I have read numerous reviews online all of which were great.  However I did notice, that they charge $50 just to even meet with you.  If you go with them that is applied to your cost of the flowers but if you don't, then you don't get it back.  Call me crazy but that is a rip off in my opinion.  However you do get what you pay for in this business :)

Re: Off Broadway Florist in Lorain

  • That IS a rip off! I wouldn't even consider meeting with them.  What other florists have you gotten quotes from or met with?

  • That was exactly my thoughts as well.  I have met with 2 other florists and meeting with another today after work.  I have met with Cottage of Flowers in Lakewood and Berghaus in Cleveland.  And today I am meeting with Brennan's in Lakewood.  Right now I am leaning towards Berghaus Florals.  Cottage of Flowers has been the cheapest so far but not sure I am totally comfortable with them as I was asking various questions and they didn't have a clue as to what i was talking about.  Super nice people but you want a sense of security ya know.  
  • $50 for a meeting is insane!! How crazy to even ask such a thing. There have been a couple florist I've been able to chat online back and forth with and even got some quotes to start with that way.


    I would go with who you feel better with. Somtimes have to listen to that gut feeling!

  • Hm that's weird. I'm not using them for flowers but I am using them for decorating my venue (the Pavilion at DeLuca's) and we didn't have to pay just to talk to them.
  • Really?  Stated on their website that you had to pay for consultation.  Either way I have decided to go with someone else :)  Thank you for the info though.
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