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Please help a bride who hates lace

Knotties, leave it to me to be different (who, me?!) and come up with yet ANOTHER dilemma...

I am not a girly-girl and don't really get why a wedding dress, which is supposed to be a symbol of purity and modesty, has to look like glorified Victorian underwear. And I hate strapless, backless, etc and don't even get me going on how much I hate the ubiquitous sweetheart neckline. Really, most dresses out there right now look to me like a bathing suit with a big tutu attached, but I digress.

I just spent two hours looking at the David's Bridal website (I do not have an endless budget) and literally, *every* gown I liked, or even somewhat liked, was only available in ivory. I have cool-toned skin and cannot wear ivory. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of just having the dress made, but that hasn't gone too well either. I really do not want to look like I just stitched a lace tutu onto my one-piece. I want a classy, not-too-formal gown, preferably with a covered back, a straight skirt, and made of chiffon. Is this too much to ask? I'm starting to freak out as I don't have much time left. My fruitless search to find a seamstress who would make a custom dress has taken up precious months of my time. 

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and help. 

Edited to add: Is there actually a "tradition" behind why the gown is lace? Maybe that will make me feel better about it at least if i do have to settle for a lace gown or something else that isn't plain. But I don't wear 'frilly' well and so, the plainer the better.


Re: Please help a bride who hates lace

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