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Which version to register for?

Sorry if this is redundant or anything, but I have a registry etiquette question. I was going to register for a Roomba, and there's different cost levels with things like that. Do you register for the cheaper option, so as to not be greedy, or do you go for the pricier option?

I suppose since I'd be happy with either, I should go for the cheaper version, but this is just one specific example of what's really an etiquette question, if that makes sense.

Re: Which version to register for?

  • I don't necessarily think it looks greedy to register for expensive things, just don't register for it simply because it's more expensive (or because it is cheaper, for that matter). For the roomba, for example, look at the features at the two different price points. Would it make a difference to you? Would you be willing to shell out the extra $$ for it if you were just purchasing it yourself? If yes, go spendy, if no, go cheaper.

    Also, make sure you have plenty of items at a variety of price points. I'm more likely to side eye a registry that has all spendy items and nothing affordable, than one that has a few items that list the more expensive versions.
  • Most of my stuff is much, much cheaper (no Cuisinart stand mixer for me), but I have a few aunts who like to go in together for a big gift whenever there's a family shower-- its basically tradition at this point. 
  • Get the better roomba! If you have any pets, maybe look into the pet version.  It doesn't look greedy to register for the things that you want.  Make sure you do your research on the different versions.  And I would register for a repair kit/extra brushes if available.  It's hard to remember which version we bought years ago and now when trying to purchase replacement brushes, they are harder to come by.  
  • Just register for the one you want. I'd much rather buy someone a gift they actually want versus a gift they sacrificed on because they felt bad it was $50 more than the other one.

    That would be like finding a pot/pan set you love that's $500, but then actually registering for one you don't love because it's $425.

    Only register for things you actually want.

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    Like Southern said, register for the one you want. Sort of like a Kitchen Aide mixer - pick the one that fits all your needs. It's not greedy to ask for the top of the line one if it's the one you want and will use.

    Also if you don't get it, you want to register for the one you really want so you can (hopefully) use the completion discount to buy it yourself. :)
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