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What kind of flowers should I use?

I am having a rustic wedding, and I've already decided what I want for my flowers. My BMs will have baby's breath bouquets, and my bouquet (as well as all the centerpieces) will be wildflowers. However, I cannot afford to have real flowers, or hire a florist. Therefore, I'm doing silk flowers for my wedding, and I'll be arranging them myself.

The problem with this is, while the flowers DO come in bushes, I have to buy my flowers individually by type and/or color, and then arrange them in a mixed way to obtain that "wildflower" look. I have NO idea what flowers to buy to do this, or which colors to buy them in. For instance, peonies are a good option to throw in there, but then how do I decide which color best suits them? I know I want a really colorful bouquet. Here's a pretty great example...


Any suggestions are appreciated. :) I should mention that I'm getting married in the spring.

Re: What kind of flowers should I use?

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    In all honesty, I would just go to MIcheals or A C Moore and play around with the flowers in person.

  • Are you by chance near a nursery? Only asking because a lot of places have really good prices on large quantities of flowers, especially since you want wildflowers, which are cheaper than roses, peonies, etc. They usually sell them way cheaper than a florist. You can (typically) get real baby's breath in bulk wayyy cheaper than in silk. 

    If not, then I totally agree with just playing around in the flower section of Micheals or other craft store. Just keep mixing flowers until you get the look you want.  
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  • Well, peonies are not really a wildflower, so there's that. I would definitely just play around with what you like at the craft store, or look into what's available at the grocery store inexpensively.

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    I would definitely echo just heading to a local craft store, even if you're not buying from there. Play around with the colors/sizes, and you can really see what it'll look like in person. That's the easiest way, especially with silk flowers!
  • Before you decide you can't afford a florist, I'd price it out with a few different/random florists and Sam's .  Sometimes you can even find a florist who works out of their home for side money - which is what SIL, BIL, & I did)...  and say "this is the look (filler flower/wild flower random colors, be flexible on the blooms, not the look, and X number of baby's breath bundle bouquets)  I want to achieve here's my budget of $200 (with a little flex), we'll have someone pick it up that morning" Because really, in the end you aren't going to be saving money by going fake vs. real given the flowers you're choosing and volume, fake is still going to be $2/stem minimum even for cheaper stems from someplace like Wal-mart, multiplied by at least 15, then misc. supplies/cutters/ribbon, that's easily $200 without flinching.  Unless you're set on fake flowers instead of real, that's the route I'd go before considering myself defeated to fake and DIY. 
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  • Do you have a Trader Joe's by you? You could even go to any other grocery store florist and they could likely put together something for pretty cheap.  You could stick with babies breath for the centerpieces as well to cut costs that way.
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