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    @jenjen047 & @lavendarfields13 - I don't work for Google, but the place I work for is a software company and totally has the Google mentality.  We're on Fortune's Top 100 Work Places list and there are a ton of benefits.  Work dress is casual (sweatpants/yoga pants are perfectly acceptable... I've seen people wear pajama bottoms to work before).  Things that are offered (for a low fee) include: massages, manicures, haircuts, daycare, seamstress, aesthetian, wellness center (nurse practitioner, physical therapist, chiropractor, dietician, health coach).  We have a fitness center with classes onsite and there are lots of other perks... it's really a great company and they do really try to help us out with our work/life balance and juggling personal needs.  The company is known for not paying very well in the community because they do take in consideration the 'benefits' that they offer.  I took a pay cut when I came to work for the company, but I knew I'd be able to make ends meet and I'd be happier.

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    @dignity100 - sounds amazing. my office has great perks but manicures would be awesome. there is a company called manicubes that will come to your office and do manicures but you need a certain amount of people to sign up ahead of time i think. seeing as this is day 3 of my new job, i dont think its quiiiiiite time for me to start suggesting new perks they should offer us
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