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I have a super trivial thing that I'd like opinions on.

We're listing our families on our wedding programs. DF has 3 living grandparents, I only have one. Right now I have them listed as: 

Grandparents of the Bride
Grandpa Smith

Grandparents of the Groom
Grandma Doe
Grandpa and Grandma Jones

Our deceased grandparents are listed separately in an "In Loving Memory" section just below this.

Would it be better to have my grandpa's heading as "Grandparents of the Bride" to be consistent with DFs, or "Grandfather of the Bride" so it doesn't imply that I have multiple living grandparents but only listed one?

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Re: Program headings

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    I had a section for each of us labeled "her family" and "his family" Then each person's name, comma, title. I had 4 parents and no grandparents to list, while he had 2 parents and 3 grandparents, so this seemed to make more sense to group them. Plus then I could list out the steps accurately ("Dad and SM Lolo, father and stepmother of the bride") rather than just calling everyone a parent. (They haven't been around for THAT LONG, so I was more comfortable with this.)

    ETA but if you want to keep the sections as is, I think it should be a singular heading.

  • Thanks @lolo883! This is very helpful.

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