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Where have you decided to register and why? How has your experience been?

FI and I live across the country from the rest of our family, and our wedding is a destination wedding in California... plus the wedding is small (50 guests), so we decided it would just be silly to do a wedding shower because we would have like 10 people there (and honestly it's not worth me paying $700 in flights and using time off of work to fly home).. So we are just doing a small registry (since we have also lived together for 5 years) in case people prefer to bring a gift to the wedding. We are thinking Amazon.com, BBB (or Target), and maybe one of the honeymoon funds would be fun. Just curious what you all decided to do and why!

Re: Registry

  • My fiance and I registered at Target because we love it! But we also have a Disney registry where our guests can buy us Disney gift cards for our honeymoon (we are going to Disney World).  I am hoping for more of the Disney gift cards so that we can go all out while we are there since we just moved into a new place, we have a lot of the things we would ask for on a registry.

    Good luck to you, building the registry is fun :)
  • We did BBB and Menards. Menards is like a home depot in our area to help us with home renovations. We got a house over a year ago but it needs work! :)
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  • @csenden - I'm doing the exact opposite of you.. going to Disneyland for my honeymoon

    As for the registry we don't really need any stuff. If people wanna give us cash they can, but we're making gifts optional since people will have to pay to our attend our wedding.
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