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Hi all!

We are getting married in December and as a wedding gift my Aunt has graciously offered to pay for a part of our wedding that we originally thought would not be in our budget. We have all of the major things accounted for in booked and in our budget so I'm hoping to come up with something fun and different to ask her for. Something that would really help spice up our wedding and help it stand out from others.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Fun Extras

  • How much is she giving you? How many guests? And can you tell us a little more about your wedding? 

    That totally helps me decide what you should do. 

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    Late night snacks

    Top shelf alcohol

    More variety in Alcohol.


    Live ceremony music

    Live cocktail hour music

    Hotel Rooms for WP

    Lunch/ champagne while getting ready.

    Pay for hair and MU for your BMs

    Photo booth

    Hire a caricuturist

    But personally if I ha everything I needed for the wedding, I would put the extra funds towards the HM.


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  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    One thing that my guests loved at my wedding was a martini bar. We had a full top shelf open bar, but we added on an extra martini bar with 4 types of martinis. This was back in 2004, so we had a traditional gin/vodka martini, cosmo, appletini and one more than escapes me (it must have been gin based). It was expensive though, as it was consumption based and not lumped in to the top shelf bar cost. @KatWAG has some great ideas. We had already covered parking, live music for the ceremony/cocktail hour, most things for WP, but never thought about a candy bar. It was something that was never a "thing" back in 2004!


  • These are all great suggestions! We haven't completely talked out budget yet in terms of what she is willing to spend. I know for her other niece (on her other side of the family) she paid for them to have a candy bar.

    In terms of what we already have: we are having our wedding at a ballroom in a hotel in Philadelphia and the package they are giving us includes all of our food and top shelf open bar. Our guest list is around 200 people. We have a band and that package includes ceremony music and cocktail hour music so we are covered in that area as well. We also were very lucky to win a free photobooth for our wedding so we have that as an extra already.

    My Fiance suggested an ice luge for the bar but I'm not completely sold on that. Our wedding is also in December so we are already planning on having some warm cocktails like hot toddies available at the bar as well to go with the season. I'm hoping to think of something that our guests will really remember.
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    One of my best friends was married the day after Christmas. During their first dance, it started snowing on them in the middle of the dance floor. I'll certainly never forget that, though it was obviously not something for the guests.


  • Your wedding sounds beautiful! With the information above, I would do one of the following:

    - late night snacks
    - adding passed apps to your cocktail hour
    - adding a fun dessert/favor in addition to your cake (like cookies or donuts)
    - ice sculpture
    - up lighting
    - a limo

    I love your hot toddy idea. It might be nice if you had staff greet guests at the entrance with hot toddies and hot chocolate. They'll be coming in out of the cold - it'd give a nice first impression.

  • If I could afford having fun extras I would make sure I have a good band or famous singer. That will make your wedding unforgettable. Another fun thing I can think of is a photo booth; how fun would that be?
  • Fireworks (if you are near an open area and have lots of windows), a fancy car for transportation (my friend had an old Rolls Royce for his Phil wedding), fake snowing (very cool idea) 
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    What about a To Go hot chocolate and cappuccino bar? I live near an upscale hotel in NJ and have had a few work functions there...In the winter, they have this set up near the coat check or door. You can get a hot drink to go, complete with toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, etc. and apple cider donuts and cookies. If guests are staying there or nearby (and have to walk a few blocks) or valet-ing their car, they might like this warm late night treat.
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I'd do a hot beverage station with warm apple cider donuts.  YUM!
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    Late night snacks are always a good idea.

    We had an after party and that was a huge hit, but that may be a little more than she's willing to spend.

    A few of the extras we had were:

    bathroom baskets (surprisingly more popular than I thought they would be)
    full bottles of wine as favors
    boxes of hand dipped chocolates for escort cards instead of just paper cards
    passed apps and station apps for a bigger variety

    I like the idea of a hot chocolate bar or something similar because of the time of year that it is. 
  • We had an event painter paint our first dance.  I "stole" the idea from my SIL, who had one at her wedding in Philly.  It was amazing! I used a painter local to me and he was wonderful.  Guests loved it and enjoyed seeing the painting progress throughout the night. The painter SIL used was Joan Zylkin.
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    zombie thread. OP has not been active since September. Closing.


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