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I got married this past weekend and had a huge issue with our florist. We are currently "arguing" through e-mails. They initially offered a refund, I refuted, then they came back at me saying that since I had posted negative reviews about their company I had forfeited the refund. My review was brutally honest, no wedding should have to go through the BS we encountered. I also feel like they do owe us something.... I have caved and asked the Knot to remove my review and have deleted it from Yelp as well. Just because they "solve" the problem with money, doesn't mean a future wedding shouldn't be aware of what could happen.... isn't that why we all read reviews?

Has anyone else ever encountered this?

Re: Issues with a Vendor

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    I'm sorry you experienced this. First, what's in your contract? I've heard that vendors have begun to put in non disparagement clauses.
    If you want your money back, get it back, and then repost your bad reviews so long as you don't promise not to in writing or break a contract. Don't forget to watch your own back.
    If you paid by credit card, you might be able to dispute the charges depending on the nature of the issue you had.

    I don't think businesses should be able to bribe their way out of getting their mistakes called out.

  • I had some serious problems with our florist. When anyone asked I gave an honest opinion and account of what happened. They used to get terrible reviews but I have noticed in the last 2 years nothing but good reviews. I have wondered if they improved or if they were contacting bad reviewers. I am sorry you had problems. there is no reason you can not post an honest opinion to save others the trouble you went through.
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