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NYC Winder Wedding Venues- HELP!!!!

Hi ,

I am looking to have a wedding in the 1st quarter of 2016.  I grew up in NYC and know there are tons of unique venues here. When you google search the venues that come up are pretty price $195.00+.  I am willing to look at anything in the Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens.  I tentatively have 130 guests on the list and am looking to spend around $130pp.   Any suggestions or posts on your experiences would be helpful.

Thanks ladies!

Re: NYC Winder Wedding Venues- HELP!!!!

  • In the Bronx look up Eastwood Manor
  • I'd avoid Eastwood Manor.  It has really fallen off and the surrounding area is a mess.  For a winter wedding, you should definitely check out all those New Rochelle (I know it technically is not the city but they're super close to the Bronx) halls.  Surf Club is either less than or around $100 a person for a January - March wedding…Split Rock Golf Club in the Bronx is another option, but it would be in a tent.  The Fountainhead would be a gorgeous place for an all indoor wedding.  

    Don't rely on Google search b/c most of those prices are summer quotes.  I would either go in person to view the properties or call over the phone.  Hope this helps.
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    Thanks ladies!!  I ended up going with Tosca Marquee in Throgs Neck. Very Excited
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