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Nevada-Las Vegas

Wedding Website

What did you use (or what are you using) to do your wedding website? Are you including anything special about Vegas?

Also, how soon before your wedding did you release it to the public? I'd love to make one now, but we haven't finalized the schedule yet, and don't plan to until our scouting trip at the end of May (the venue is pretty much finalized though, it's really the food and timeline that isn't)

Re: Wedding Website

  • If you're presenting it as a save the date format and then releasing information as it's finalized, that's more than enough.

    I haven't created ours, and I don't know if we will, but I'm attending a wedding that's using AppyCouple, which has been really easy to use as a guest.
  • I used Wedding Wire simply because they had a Vegas background that I liked. I created it with basic info before I sent out save the dates. Before I sent out invites, and when people started for more details, I added much more info. 

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  • Here is our wedsite! http://samandrachel.nearlyweds.com/sites/index/2707618

    We made it public just before our Save the Dates went out, but we've modified it quite a bit in the meantime. We won't make anymore changes after our invites go out. :)
  • Thanks gals.

    For those that had a ceremony/reception in the suite, how did you communicate the room #/location to your guests?
  • @americankorean how did you get the map..I LOVE it :) 
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  • We just made our website public before we send out our save-the-dates. At this point, it just contains the information we felt would be important for guests to know in order to book their trip (i.e., venue/hotel details, room block info, transportation suggestions, etc.)  We will update it with more information as we go along.
  • @hmgiffor, my fiance took care of the "Map" section of our wedsite. I just shot him a message asking him how he did it, and this was his response: i just used google maps and entered the places i wanted. then i told it to save them by hitting some start button.

    Haha, not entirely helpful, but I hope you can figure it out! It's a great feature. :)
  • @hmgiffor Love your proposal video. Did it say you won a vegas Wedding??
  • We did not win one. We made the video when we were entering for a wedding in Phoenix. We didn't win which was a good thing because I learned that competition had lots of issues haha. And we decided eventually not to do a Phoenix wedding as it was too stressful and my hair was falling out haha
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  • @hmgiffor Ahh gotcha.. but at least you got to make use of the video you made, so that's good.

    I was gonna be so jealous if you won a wedding in Vegas lol.
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