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Caesar's Palace Emperor's Suite

Hello everyone! My fiance's parents are planning to host our Meet & Greet the night before our wedding in the Emperor's Suite of Caesar's Palace. We are expecting around 50 people to attend the event and are wondering if this particular suite will be large enough to accommodate us. Does any of you have experience hosting a similar event with this particular suite or have at least seen the inside of it in person? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Caesar's Palace Emperor's Suite

  • I just booked this suite for my cocktail reception. I called reservations and was told it seats 36 and is comfortable for 50-60 standing.
  • Thanks VegasBride! :)
  • We orginially had the Nobu SAKE Suite, but I found out it only holds 25-30 people.  So, I just got done booking the Caeser's Emperor's suite.

    Do you know if they have tables you can borow?  Bar to put in the room?

  • I have no idea about tables or a bar. Sorry, Knottie. :/
  • I've heard but can't confirm that they'll get upset if you have an outside vendor and you want a bar from them, so it's something to be careful about.
  • Has anyone had any experience hiring an outside vendor for catering? I know that it can be tricky, but my FMIL is considering it for the event. Any advice would be useful. 
  • Americankorean:  I'm having my reception in the suite next month and have hired an outside vendor......I will let you know how it goes.  Keep your fingers crossed.....my thought is, if we are spending that much money for the suite, what happens in the suite is none of their business..:-)
  • I'm interested in hearing about your experience next month as well. Who are you using for catering?
  • I would love to hear about how it goes for you! I will keep my fingers crossed! Sending you lots of positive energy!! :)
  • Thanks!  We are using Masterpiece Cuisine!
  • Even better! We are using them as well...
  • Also using Masterpiece...with fingers crossed!
  • Knottie29393801 the bartender at Masterpiece brings a portable bar.
  • Masterpiece only brings the bar if they are supplying the alcohol.  We are buying all the booze and just hiring a bartender to serve.




  • We're also supplying our alcohol and only hiring the bartender. I would double check because they specifically told me they are bringing the portable bar after I asked if I could rent one from them.
  • Well, that's weird.....I will email them again.....
  • Caesarsbride15:  I sent Scott an email asking if we could rent a bar from him, and we are using their bartender, and he said no, but gave me the name of a rental company they use.  Did they say how much it would cost?  Because the rental place they gave me was super expensive.
  • edited March 2015
    He said I didn't need to rent one because their bartender would bring a portable bar. My contact is Chris, not Scott. How much did the company quote you?
  • The total was $398, because of deliver and pick up, and picking up on a Sunday, which is extra.......

  • Hi ladies - do you know if this suite big enough for a DJ and dance floor? I'm considering moving my reception here...
  • Just had my wedding reception here this weekend. 60 people and 5 catering staff had more than enough room. It was not without complication, but I will post more info on that later! If you don't rent a bar, you'll need to call house keeping and get some tables. Masterpiece can bring you a bar.
  • Masterpiece told me they would NOT bring a bar, even though we are hiring a bartender through them.
  • Huh, well maybe they have changed their policies. I just looked at the rental pricing sheet they provided me about six months ago and "portable bar" is listed at $125. However, Masterpiece has changed a few other things since I started working with them. For example there's now a fee to use a credit card and there wasn't before.
  • You aren't the only one who said they go a bar from Masterpiece.  Did you deal with Chris or Scott?

    We are just gonna buy a table from Target and then leave it there.Where did you put your drop off appetizers for the night before? Did you just put them on the tall table with the 4 chairs? Sorry, but I need to pick your brain......you are my "in" :-)

    Will guests need a card key to get to our room?  Or do we need someone downstairs letting them up?  Is there security at the base of the elevatros?

    Any other advise for the suite? 


  • Knottie, thank you for asking ALL of the questions I want to know. Lol I plan to use that long table for our appetizers.

    Dixie, I also want to know the quality of the speakers in the suite? Any noise complaints? Was there enough air circulation for your 60 guests? Where did you put your cake (if you had one) Do the guests enter the suite from the top or bottom floor?

  • I actually didn't order the bar until the night before when we did a walk through of the space with my night of captain. The person who dropped off the food Saturday was the captain Sunday. We got bus tubs and tables from catering for "free", but tipped people all over the place. No card access needed. There's an entry on two floors. Yes, had the food set up both nights on the high table. It wouldn't have been big enough Sunday to hold food for 60. We had half passed and half buffet style. We had cupcakes, which I placed on individual stands I got off oriental trading. I put them on a table from catering with a cloth over it. No noise complaints and speakers were just fine. We had some difficulty figuring out how to turn them on, but figured it out in the end.

  • Great! Thanks. Can't wait to see your reviews.
  • Thank you sooooo much for all this helpful information.......

    So, for the speakers, if we bring an Ipod, is there a docking station for it?  And are the speakers pretty good, or should we bring our own?

  • I read somewhere that they are not compatible with the newer iPhones (5 and up) so you need an adapter. Maybe Dixie can confirm this.
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