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Oh Monday

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It sucks after a long weekend out OOT.  How was your weekend?

Ours was good, but non-stop.  The drive home kind of sucked because it was long and we hit traffic due to contstruction and spring breakers. 

The wedding was OK. DH's aunt who I never met was...interesting.  Her kids are really nice, she's...not.  She does make me thankful that MIL is my MIL and not her.  ;)  Traveling with MIL wasn't so bad.  

I had a great time with SIL and my nieces.  We can't wait to go to the beach in July. 

Oh!  And one of my closest friends (finally) got engaged on Friday!!  :D  They're getting married July 4th.  I need to start planning a B-party.  :) 

Re: Oh Monday

  • Weekend kind of blew donkeys.

    Friday and Saturday we were fighting and house hunting. That was a blast. Though Saturday at least didn't consist completely of fighting the way Friday did.

    Sunday was good-ish until we had the naming discussion (which never goes well and always goes back to the whole "we should have started this 4 months ago" crap from H). I think we have names though.    We had a nice time with PF at the park and then last night I mentioned to H about wanting to get PF an device that is solely for communication. He got his panties in a twist and it just ruined the rest of the night. Oh and I shattered the screen on my phone.

    Yay Monday. I leave work at 12:30 today to go into the city for an OB appt and another NST.
  • Our weekend turned out way better than it started.  DD2 had been sick and I took her to the doctor Friday morning.  Then all of a sudden she was fine later that night.  We still took it easy on what she ate, but she has been normal since Friday night, thank goodness.

    Son's team won big on Saturday.  It was a nice way to start the season.  We have another game tonight.

    The girls had their first practice yesterday.  It only lasted about 20 minutes because it started raining, but they had fun.

    Today I'm going shopping for candy molds for my sister's shower.  My aunt and cousin are making cream cheese mints for it.

  • I'm so glad DD2 got better Taw!!  :D 
  • It was a good weekend, but the house is a wreck.  No soccer Saturday a.m., so we went out for breakfast and hit Lowe's on the way back.  The lawn we inherited sucks, and we probably should have started on it last fall.  But we had just moved, kindergarten, DS's birthday, so many excuses.  So we're starting on it now, hardcore.  It is probably more weeds than grass at this point.  DH also wants to DIY leveling or terracing the backyard and is all hopped up on renting a bobcat, we'll see how this unfolds.  DD wanted to buy all the flowers, so we agreed we'd spend some time prepping our planters and baskets and stuff, make a plan, and go flower shopping next weekend.  My dad's mom was a huge gardener and DD definitely has the bug.  (She's been hauling around my Wildflowers of the Carolinas field guide and ID-ing everything she can find.)

    Took the kids hiking yesterday, and DS was pretty insistent on walking most of the way.  He's losing patience with the backpack carrier, which he used to love with a passion.  (If he saw me packing it, he'd start whining and whimpering and tugging on me and trying to climb in, all at once.  No more.)  At one point, DD tripped over a root and went flying, so of course there were skinned knees and palms and tears.  DS was so sweet to her: he ran over to give her a hug and started patting her head and saying "Awwwww, awwwwww."  Which made her giggle, which effectively stopped the tears.  I cannot believe how crazy my kids seem to be about each other, when the main emotion I remember feeling toward my brother until late high school was probably annoyance, with a side of jealousy.

    60% chance of rain for soccer practice this p.m., so we may be rained out.   

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    Saturday morning was breakfast out then DH had to go to work.  Kids played outside all darn day.  I got a work out in then did a bike ride with 2 in the trailer and a walk with the neighbor.  My thighs are BURNING.

    Sunday was Great Grandma's party.  She had a BLAST and that's all that matters. 

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    Oh and I just found out Blues Traveler is playing the hometown festival the night before my 40th.  I need to see if we can get a sitter in home town.  Orchestra+Blues Traveler+ outdoors+ alcohol+ fire works sounds like an awesome mix for a party. 

    I've already started discussions.

  • Weekend started out with much potential...  Then I accidentally ingested ginger and I've been battling hives ever since, which means Benadryl knockdown, with a husband who doesn't understand allergies nor medications to treat said allergic responses...  (back story) We had DD's school annual Gala Saturday night, I saw what looked like your standard run of the mill orange punch, didn't look fizzy at all, heard people saying how good it was so got myself a glass..  I took one sip and instantly knew I had made a very big mistake in that it was from the "Overpriced Yuppie Grocery Store" who when I asked discovered they mixed an OJ Concentrate with Ginger ale (the brand they carry is one of those more natural high ginger content brands)..  So while I'm sitting there (trying not to swear) thinking "o.k. is my throat going to close" DH says "Just drink some water, it's not like you chugged the glass"... I love him... I love him... So between the hives, scratching, swelling, etc. the intolerance factor also kicked in, so yea... Turned a weekend with potential into a weekend of being knocked on my butt because of Benadryl...

    Then yesterday DD was on the war path so didn't get out the door.  Ugh!

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    Um, if you have an allergy that could make your throat close up you should probably school your husband on how to deal with it. 
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    I was in bed w/ a cold-induced migraine most of yesterday.  and last night.
    I'm here at work with it today.
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    Weekend was mostly good.  It just blew by without notice.  Really.

    H worked until 4am on Saturday morning, dog promptly stepped on my face scratching my eye.  So I'm going to deal with glasses for a few days just to make sure I don't re-irritate it by trying to shove a contact in there. 

    Weekend was very low key.  I alternately did housework and then lounged.  And painted my nails for the first time in 9 months or so.  Weird, I know. 

    Sunday---H and I just ran a few errands then did yard work in the drizzle.  I was also a bit butt-hurt that all SILs got together for youngest SIL's graduation party planning and I wasn't invited.  H was really sweet about it, but I did get an email this morning asking if I wanted to join in.  So, I just bagged it and said "Yeah, I'd love to!".  :)
  • Nice and quiet. I had a long week and didn't feel like doing much.
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    Had a friend visit Friday.  Went to lunch for a fundraiser.  Went to the musical book club, then went to a rally on the square for the LGBTQ+ community.  Over 1000 people were there, it was really amazing.  Saturday/Sunday, went camping.  The new tent is awesome.  Took a lot of pictures.  Apparently I'm going to have to tape "check your settings" someplace on my camera since I never remember to change them.  Or just shoot on Auto, which I don't really want to do.

    One of my views (bit out of focus, aforementioned settings problem):

  • I don't have my waterfall pictures yet, b/c I was accidentally shooting in RAW and I need to do some conversion stuff.  Hopefully they came out well.  The campground was right next to a wide, shallow waterfall, so it was just the perfect amount of white noise.  Beautiful camp site as well.  There were 9 sites, and it was full and everyone was totally well behaved.  We really enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to be fully unplugged and my eyes feasting on beautiful things.
  • 6fsn said:

    Um, if you have an allergy that could make your throat close up you should probably school your husband on how to deal with it. 

    He's been schooled, he's just one of those types that REALLY doesn't "get it" when it comes to anything medical (he had a gall bladder attack, they did a ultrasound to confirm, multiple docs said "get it out" - and he was arguing the million reasons he wanted to keep it!)  Heck, he doesn't even understand the whole need for daily controller meds when it comes to asthma...  It is what it is, that's the reason I handle all things medical around here and he handles the medical billing...  When it comes to my triggers I'm pretty on top of avoiding them, this is the first time since I found out I get a reaction to Ginger that I got some into me and that's going on at least 6-7 years, if anything I'm kicking myself more because I let my guard down and forgot that some people use ginger ale in punch instead of lemon-lime soda...

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