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Does anyone have any information or suggestions on where to get wedding hair and makeup done in New Orleans. I am a "destination wedding" bride, and my ceremony is on a Saturday morning at 10 AM. I would need it done pretty early, and I have no idea where to start looking! Help!

Thanks in advance! :0) 

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    I used Flawless Bride and really liked them!  No complaints!
  • I have yet to book my hair and makeup artists (yikes!), but I've heard good things about Flawless Bride and Two Sisters Hair and Makeup.

    I also follow Bleu a Blowdry and absolutely love the work they do!  I wanted to book them, but was unable to confirm price point with all of my bridesmaids, and by the time I contacted them, they were booked for my date! :(  Sad!  They do run around 150 range for hair and makeup and require a minimum of 8 services to be performed if on location- ie 4 girls with hair and makeup or mix and match hair/makeup with several different girls. 
  • I'm a destination bride too and have gone with Two Sisters Hair & Makeup.  Cheaper than Flawless and from their portfolio they look great.  $60 for hair $60 for makeup w/ airbrush and they can come to you for a $75 travel fee.
  • Beauty Marks for makeup-Megan is her name and she is super sweet adn does great work!
    I have booked Salon Elle for my hair and i have my trial run this upcoming saturday.
  • I used the most amazing wedding planner in New Orleans, and these were the suggestions she gave to me.  I used Blush and Bashful.  I'd recommend that you get a trial run done (It's costly, but if you can do it the day before or whatever day you rehearsal dinner is, it will be worth it).  You want them to know EXACTLY how you want your hair and makeup done so you don't have a day of freak out.

    Ashley Sievert:  http://www.ashleysievert.com/

    Blush and Bashful:  http://www.blushnbashful.com

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