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elopement gift

Hi all :)

A good friend of mine is having a planned elopement during a trip overseas this summer. When I got married last summer, she was super supportive, and came to the shower and bachelorette from out of town. I wanted to get her something to congratulate her and her partner, even though I know it's not necessary, I just thought it would be a nice gesture. My go-to gift for weddings is money, but a friend said it would be awkward to just send her a card with money in it for an elopement? (I'd probably mail it to her since we don't live in the same town). They don't have a registry so I don't feel super comfortable getting them stuff they might not want and shipping it over there… thoughts? is it weird to send cash for an elopement?

Re: elopement gift

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana
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    A gift card to a local department store or Amazon would be a good idea if you feel awkward sending cash. I think it is very thoughtful of you to want to recognize her wedding/elopement. I did the same thing many years ago when a very good friend of mine had a JOP ceremony. 
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta
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    I don't see anything wrong with sending money, but a gift card would be nice too.

    Unless there's something specific that you know she wants or needs, or it's something sentimental that you know she'd like, I probably wouldn't pick out a physical gift. 
  • Does 'overseas' mean somewhere with a different currency? If so, I would send her a card with currency for that country prior to her trip.
  • Thanks for the responses!

    Yes, they are going to the UK- I love the idea of sending her some money in pounds ahead of time, I didn't think of that, thank you:) makes it a bit more personal, especially when included with a nice card about how we hope they have an awesome trip and have a dinner out on us or something. 
    ILoveBeachMusic[Deleted User]
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