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I was thinking of sending invites to a brunch I would host for my bridesmaids. I think this would be super cute and fun for them, but I understand this money could go elsewhere possibly for wedding invites and thank you cards for example. 

What are your thoughts? Should I do this for my bridesmaids or save for other invites? 

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  • I mean, it totally depends on your budget and preference. 

    If you have the money to burn, why not? 

    If you don't, put it toward invites. You can always see what you have leftover towards the end of planning and then pay for brunch/lunch for them the day of the wedding.

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    Do what you want that fits in your budget. I wouldn't make it my priority, but if you have the funds for it, then go for it. Sit down and figure out how much you have and how much you expect to spend on wedding invitations and thank you notes, if you have money left over, then spend it on the bridesmaids brunch invitations.

  • I'm doing a brunch for my BMs too but I just told them when it is. I'd scrap the invite card, and do a thank you card instead? Like "thank you for being my BM... things I love about you... etc...". 
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    How the heck fancy invites are you going to get that the money you use on them could be put to better use elsewhere like wedding invites?

    If you really want to do invites then go to Hallmark or Target or anywhere that sells cards and get an invite pack for like $20.

    Remember these invites, along with your wedding invites will all most likely end up in the trash. So think about that before you spend a shit ton of money on them.

  • Hi ladies! 

    Thank you for your feedback! These are great things to think about. I'll do a budget and see what the wedding budget tells me. Also I do see how doing little Thank You's would be a great idea too! 

    I'm very exited for this! 

    Thank you! 
  • @thegirlwiththehair, If you're for sure doing the brunch, why not do an evite?  Many can be found for free and that way, you can put the invite money towards the brunch and other wedding stuff
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