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Caesar's Palace Emperor's Suite


Re: Caesar's Palace Emperor's Suite

  • I would not bring speakers, the room's were plenty loud. We needed the little adaptor piece to convert older iPhone jack to newer one. You can buy one for a couple bucks online.
  • Are you ladies decorating the suite at all? Did you Dixie?
  • @caesarsbride15, I wasn't planning on it, but I would be interested to hear from the other brides. How is the original decor? Does it need sprucing up? 
  • I left it as is...not really sure what you COULD do with the space other than maybe put out some candles or flowers. Everyone was impressed by the room just like it was!
  • I have made some signs, like many you see on Etsy, and bought dollar store frames, and will be putting them out throughout the suite.

    Also, we are hitting the dollar store out there (renting a car) and gettng vases, then hittng Costco for some flowers, and we will put the throughout.  Otherwise, nope, not much!

    My wedding is next weekend!  Whoooooo hooooooo


  • I'm thinking about signs and flowers. I definitely want TALL floral vases (probably hydrangeas). I know for sure, one on each side of the window. Maybe two near the entrance (I saw the two small accent tables by the door on the lower floor). I want smaller vases placed throughout the suite.

    From the pictures the suite is beautiful and doesn't need much added. I just think flowers when I think of a reception.

    I didn't know Costco had flowers because I don't shop there. But my mom does. Are they real or artificial? I was on the Dollar Tree website yesterday and you can order vases in bulk.

    Knottie are you ready! It's so close!

  • These are the tables by the lower entrance.
  • The flowers at Costco are real........the have a small floral section.....and the dollar store is right by there. 

    I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be!  Most is gonna happen once we get there, with lots of running around.  Hopefully we will be able to get into the suite on Friday at a resonable time.  We have people coming at 7:30 for a meet and greet........

    I'm getting more and more excited....can't wait to be able to eat again.;-0  Damn wedding dresses...


  • I would love to see pictures of the suite after each of you has decorated it! It sounds like you will all make it look amazing! :)
  • Anyone know if there is a microphone in the suite?
  • Not that I saw.
  • Thanks Knottie. Anyone know if there are different lighting options? I feel like I may have read that there was.
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