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I saw this necklace and I asked about it they said they turned the necklace around now how do I get the two strands in the from ? buy a two strand one? how do I connect it?


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    Go to a bead supply store; you can get pearls (real or faux), different types of string or wire, clasps, and special little metal parts that will connect to four strands on one side and two on the other.

    Edit: Okay, I can't actually find any that go from 4 to 2 on that site, but this guy goes from 4 to 1 large loop that you could easily attach two strands to. You'd need one on each side, and a lot of string and pearls.
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  • You can make something like a little button at each shoulder that would divide 2 strands to the front and four to the back. You would want to attach those to just by the neck line at your shoulders by a pin or a snap right onto your dress so it stays in place since the four stands in the back would be heavier and pull the front strands up close to your neck. It's easy to do. Or you could get those vintage sweater holder clasps and string the back pearls between those and then just wear a pearl necklace for the front. 
  • Oh and by the way if you string it yourself use waxed dental floss.... it wont break and knots really well. 
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