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Morning! Happy Monday? I woke up in a good mood today so I'm rolling with it! 

I had a really great weekend :)

On Friday, H and I went out to dinner and then he went to a concert and I went home and straightened up the house then FaceTimed with @GoldenPenguin while we watched Grey's. The kids also got in on the action: 

Saturday, I got up early and drove the 2 hours to my parents' house which is where Lucy's been for the last couple weeks. I MISSED HER SO MUCH! She was really excited to see me :) My mom and I spent the day driving with the top down and stopping in a ton of thrift/antique shops. I ended up buying chairs for my porch! We'll repaint them and reupholster them but I think they'll look really great out there. You can't really tell from the picture but they're HUGE. I can curl up on them which I love! 


Yesterday, H and I went to our local thrift shop where I finally found canisters for on the kitchen counter and we decided we're going to try out tennis lol. We bought cheap racquets to see how it goes. We're hoping to challenge @Hummingbird125 and her FI to a duel. We had a Mother's Day/MIL's Birthday BBQ in the afternoon and it was really nice. On the way home, we ran some errands and then I spent an hour and a half prepping my breakfasts and lunches for the week. I'm determined to get back on track! 

Hope everyone has a great day! 

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Re: Monday!

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    @Hummingbird125 - OMG your ticker starts with TWO weeks right now! 

    @southernpeach89 - What a sweet, thoughtful gift! 

    @lmcooper86 - Congrats, lady! Can't wait to see/read an update! 

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  • @southernpeach89 what a thoughtful gift I love pandora charms!

    @swazzle those chairs look awesome.  You seem to find such great furniture for the house you guys can make your own. 

    I'm cranky and tired. I really wanted to call out sick but I'd rather save that for when I'm sick.  Friday night we watched hockey didn't do much else really.  Saturday was my niece's communion, and a lunch afterwards, it was a good time.  After H &I ran a few errands and BBQ'd dinner outside.  I'd bought H a new game for his birthday a few weeks ago, and we played in on Saturday night.  Sunday we didn't do too much. We watched Hockey and I did a lot of studying, I feel so overwhelmed with all of my studying, luckily I have no work deadline but I don't want to spend my whole summer studying either.  Ah well another Monday!


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  • @Swazzle those chairs look awesome! Can't wait to see the final project! I wish I was more crafty like that..

    @Hummingbird125 Sounds like a good weekend! Hopefully they get your dress squared away since you need it in TWO WEEKS!

    @SouthernPeach Congrats on a smooth move. Also how sweet of your H to get such a thoughtful gift!!

    @ImCooper86- Come share wedding deets!!

    My weekend was pretty good. I went shopping with my cousin and her daughter Friday night. Turns out she wasn't prom dress shopping but shopping for her cheer banquet, oops! LOL. We still had fun.

    Saturday we ran errands in the morning and then went to my aunts for cake and ice cream for my cousin's birthday. We came home and cooked food on the grill and BF made me watch Blow. It was okay, but I didn't think it was great.

    Yesterday we went to BF's cousin's daughter's first communion. After that we went back to the house to celebrate and later in the day we took our Mom's out for dinner. It was a good day!

    Today I am going to look up some new WW recipes. I think I am going to start joining my aunts and go to meetings with them. I need to do something to get this weight loss into gear. I am tired of feeling shitty so here goes nothing! I have set two goals for myself so we shall see how this goes! 
    friends tv show funy
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    Good morning, all!

    @lmcooper86, congratulations!

    So I'm in a reasonably good mood this morning except that H's cat chose yesterday to pee outside his litter box again. With him, it's hard to know when he's sick (he has known urinary issues and is on prescription medicated food for life) and when he's being a bastard (sometimes the little darling is a bastard). H is calling the vet this morning to see if they want to look at him this time.

    Otherwise the weekend was quiet. Did some housework Saturday and worked on the recipe book - I'm collecting recipes from my mom, MIL, SMIL, and GMIL so that we don't starve in our well-stocked kitchen and so that we have family favorite recipes on hand right away now that we have actual kitchen stuff. (My cupboards were bare, but I have a dissertation. Seems like a fair trade to me.)

    Spent the day with my family yesterday - my parents got me a (fake) butterfly in a jar and three charms for my bracelet for my birthday. The charms were a companion cube from Portal, a gaming controller, and the Star Trek TOS insignia. I ate way too much food. It was fun.

    Oh! And H and I worked on editing the wedding video. We showed my parents, and my dad had the good idea to film the bulletin as well and append that to the end. Honestly, for what we did (set a camera off to the side, pointed it at the front of the chapel, hit "record," and walked away) I'm stunned at the quality we got - good visuals most of the time (except when people stood up) and good audio the whole time.
  • Good morning all!

    @swazzle, your home projects always turn out so beautifully, can't wait to see what you do with the chairs. Glad you had a sweet reunion with Lucy!

    @hummingbird125, what a sweet something old!

    @southernpeach89, that was so thoughtful and adorable of DH to give you a mommy-to-be gift!

    This weekend was all right. I worked overnight on Friday, so most of Saturday was spent sleeping. When I woke up I did grocery shopping and made a bunch of banana bread, which was super-fun and tasty. And weirdly enough, I spent the rest of the night writing, which is something I haven't done in YEARS. One of my new work friends is a writer, so we've been trading prompts and ideas and stuff, and now I'm starting to feel creative again. Lord help us all.

    Sunday was my date. It was OK, he was really nice and gets a second date, lol. My mom had to work all weekend, unfortunately, so my brother and I went to see her at work, and I brought her a card and a little gift. My poor mom, I feel like she constantly has to work on her birthday and Mother's Day, and all of those celebrations get dropped, which sucks. But she was happy to see us, and we're going to have a movie date later this week.

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    @Swazzle - Welcome back Lucy!!  Love the new chairs!

    @Hummingbird125 - It's always nice to take some time out for a date night, I'm glad you were able to do that.  I was hoping they'd have your dress perfect for you!!  That's awesome that your sister's dress came out so great.

    @SouthernPeach89 - YAY for movers!

    @futuremrshistorian - Congrats again!!!

    @KeptInStitches - Hope your H's cat is ok.

    @CL0GreenEyes - Glad your date went well!

    @Imcooper86 - Can't wait to hear all about your wedding and see PICTURES!

    Friday we watched the Cavs lose :(

    Saturday BIL wanted to go for a 32mile bike ride.  I tried to talk him out of it because I didn't think we were in shape enough to do it; but he really wanted to go.  So we rode.  At the halfway point, we took about a 30 minute break and noticed his tire had gone flat.  Instead of using the replacement tube I had with me, the boys (H and BIL) decided to patch the tube (it was a small pin prick split in the seam).  The patch blew out about 4 or 5 miles away from the car, by the time H reached me, I Was already at the car, so I threw my bike in the car and picked them up (so I rode the 31.9mi and they only went 27).  BIL was singing praises to me for bringing a car instead of a patch kit/new tube because he was done.  My one shoulder/arm/hand is a little sore from the ride today (wondering if it's a pinched nerve in my neck).

    Sunday we went over to MILs house for Mother's Day - watched the Cavs win :) .  I also ran around my house cleaning up and trying to get stuff done before we went over.  We leave for vacation on Friday!!

    Tonight I'm hoping to watch the last episode of Revenge.

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  • @beanbot2002 Sending so many hugs! Don't apologize either! What you're going through is extremely hard and we are here for you no matter what!
  • @southernpeach89 xoxoxoxoxo image
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

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    The cats on facetime is the cutest thing!!

    @southernpeach89 That was so sweet of him, what an adorable gift!

    Saturday I hiked a mountain in NH with my friend. She's been working out for the past 6 months for her wedding and I have not been so I felt bad that I kept stopping for breaks and holding her back! And my legs are SO sore.

    Tonight we're going to look at a house. Fingers crossed because we had an offer accepted last week and a bunch of sketchy shit turned up during inspections and we backed out. It was kinda heartbreaking, so I'm hoping tonight's is even better!



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    @beanbot2002, extra hugs.

    @futuremrshistorian, congrats on graduating!

    @goldenpenguin, happy wedding week!

    @dignity100, right now they want us to put him back on a clumping litter. TMI alert: since he's already on urinary s/o food, one of the issues is that he pees a TON to help keep his system cleaned out (drinks a ton, too), and clumping litters didn't work before. The vet thinks a deeper box is the key. I'm going to add a little Cat Attract to it, too, to encourage him to use his box. We'll steam-clean his carpet tonight, give him the new litter and box, and watch him for the next week.
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    @eilis1228, thanks, a day early!
  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    @eilis1228 Thank you! You totally got this weight loss thing- that's amazing that you did 50 minutes today!!

    @speakeasy14 eeeeew dentist- no fun! Hopefully it doesn't hurt at all, and I'm super jealous that you get Melting Pot tomorrow, I've been dying to try that place.



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    Posting quickly at work because I was thinking, how's @allusive007 doing??? I will read everybody's posts promise!

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    @Hummingbird125 but I want you to AW all your stuff! lol. I like seeing other people's ideas because I am not creative at all. FI wants to maybe do cornhole for outside our reception too. I need to see if we can

    @southernpeach89 that is sweet that your H got you a mommy to be gift :)

    @beanbot2002 You are not a debbie downer. I know I would not be able to keep it together and I hope it helps you that you can talk about it here

    @futuremrshistorian Congrats on graduation!!

    @keptinstiches I hope your H's cat isn't sick. My cat has been throwing up quite often lately and it's worrying me. I'm going to start tracking how much she's doing it now in case I need to call the vet. I worry about every little thing she does, God help me if I have human children. 

    @jenna8984 good luck with the house!

    I had an OK weekend. I don't think I did anything on Friday. Saturday I went for a walk in the morning, went for my massage and then went to the mall to try to find something for my bachelorette party. I ended up getting a top from Francesca's and a new pair of jeans. I wanted to get a dress option too in case it ended up being warm but I didn't find anything I liked. Although now the weather looks like 65 and rainy here on Saturday :(
    There were SO MANY people at the mall and I was annoyed. I thought people would be outside since it was gorgeous out.

    Yesterday I went to my aunt's and grandmother's and had a cookout with them and my cousins. Very low key. FI went to see his mom, aunt and cousin. 

    I wasn't sure what to get my mom so I was asking her yesterday if she was getting her nails done before she comes out to see me this weekend. She said she was getting a pedicure today so I called the spa this morning and prepaid for it for her. I hope it will be a nice little surprise.

    I have so much work to get through today. Hopefully I will go for a walk when I get out and I need to mail the final payments that are due on Wednesday for my photographer and DJ!! The time really snuck up on me. I need to go over the rest of my contracts to make sure I'm not late on anything else and me and FI really need to go over our ceremony to make some edits. 

    I also need to clean the house before my mom comes. And we still haven't booked a HM.

    I feel like I have no time to breathe!

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  • @jenna8984 I had an appointment for the left side last week, so I already know how I'll feel, I think that is making me more nervous.  When you get a chance to go to melting pot, my suggestions are the beer cheese and any of the desserts (but my favorite is the chocolate turtle). And their lovetinis are one of my favorite drinks.  I've only ever gone as date or with girl friends so it will be interesting with my family of 10. 

    @allusive007 Hope you and baby are doing well!

    @lavenderfields13 that was super sweet for you to pay for your mom's nails! I'm sure she'll be surprised once she finds out. 
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    @GoldenPenguin AHHHHHHH

    @mrsfuturehistorian CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    My weekend was absolutely exhausting.

    Friday, on my way to the gym after work, the most horrible bro ever was on the train with his friends. I think he might have been drunk, but either way, he was having a loud, profanity-laden, incredibly brainless offensive conversation with his friends/himself, and he ended up making some really horrible comments that triggered my PTSD. I tried to ride it out but ended up having to get off the train and rent a one-way Zipcar home and just curl up on the couch for the rest of the night.

    Saturday was a super long day. I had to get to work by 8am to get a few things done before J and I caught the train out to where my brother lives. We went to my step-niece's baseball game, which was really fun! She played really well (like, seriously, she's definitely at least one level above most of her teammates), and her team remains undefeated for the season. After that, we got lunch and spent the day with my brother and sister-in-law, and then my mom came over for early Mothers' Day dinner. We didn't get home till late, and birdo was super clingy about it, but it was worth it.

    Slept incredibly late yesterday, and then we went to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house for Mothers' Day. We had a nice time, although my allergies got incredibly horrific by the end of the night. Also, we were eating outside on the picnic table in their backyard, and my brother-in-law accidentally spilled a bowl of salad dressing and it got almost entirely on me. I was wearing shorts, so most of it got on my skin, but I was very greasy until I could get home and shower! Also, homemade vinaigrette really stings when it hits bare, recently-shaved legs ...

    I'm exhausted today as well, and my allergies are STILL bad even though I doubled up on antihistamines. UGH!
    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
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    @swazzle - Nice find on those chairs! I'm extra excited to get a bigger house because there is this sweet estate auction house outside of the city that always has amazing furniture. I've just never had the space for any of it!.... Also, those kitties are adorable.

    @southernpeach89 - Happy first mother's day! (a day late)... Your H's present sounds so sweet.

    @futuremrshistorian - Congrats on walking at graduation, lady! What an amazing accomplishment. (Have you technically graduated with your diploma yet? I know nothing about grad school, haha)

    @beanbot2002 - Jumpingin on the virtual hug train.... *hugs*

    @jenna8984 - I hope you like the house tonight! We're house hunting together! So glad the inspection turned that stuff up.

    @speakeasy14 - The Melting Pot is to me what Disney parks are to @Dignity100 and @eilis1228. So jealous!

    @eilis1228 - Stay safe in that crazy weather! :S


    My weekend was fabulous! Friday night we went to bed too early, but whatever, I'll do what I want. I made chicken and asparagus that was to die for. I guess that's what happens when you cook chicken in butter.

    Saturday morning, my BF's dad drove down from his hometown and we went to Whiskeytown! I was the DD, so I didn't drink all that much, but I did try about 7 or 8 samples, and had some awesome food. They also had mini pig races, which was the cutest thing I have ever seen. And for how small of an area the festival covered, they had 5 separate stages with awesome music. We met my dog's GF's parents and their pup at the festival, and their dog got so excited when she saw me that she ripped the leash out of her owner's hand and ran over to me! It was so sweet. I also wore my new polka dot dress and had multiple girls tell me they loved it..... That night we hung out with his dad and BBQ'd and drank.

    Sunday morning we went out to breakfast and I ate way too much. I tried the Southwest Eggs Benedict, which had chorizo patties for the meat, and they added some salsa-esque spices to the hollandaise. It was amazing! We drove to BF's hometown and made teriyaki skewers with veggies and chicken, and as a random addition wrapped chunks of pineapple in turkey bacon. Again, I ate way too much.

    Last night we went to go see the great dane puppy! Unfortunately all of the puppies in the litter that were sold ended up with parvo. Luckily, they all got to the vet in time and are doing well. He was back home when I went to visit, and he was so rambunctious! He kept tripping himself with his giant feet. And after about 15 minutes of playing he fell asleep in my lap on the floor and I almost cried from the cuteness. He's supposed to gain 5-7 pounds a week, so next time I see him he will already be much bigger. :(

    Now that I'm done with my novel, I really need to get some fucking work done so I don't have to work late. It's BF's birthday, and I still haven't wrapped his fucking presents. Ugh.

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    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • @TwoDimes FI wanted to go on a HM right away so we will be trying to leave a week after the wedding. We had to wait until April to make sure he could get the days off so we really lost a lot of options. We want a Caribbean all inclusive vacations and a lot of places are already booked. It doesn't help that we have a tight budget and are being way too picky.
    I really would rather wait now until we can book at a place we love but he wants to go right away! I don't want to spend thousands on a place that is just OK though because we have such few options.
    I've got my mom helping to look for us too now lol. It's so time consuming. We really just want too much for our budget.

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