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I'm new 'round here. lol. My long time fiance and I have finally picked a date and started making plans. We decided on November 14, 2015. We want to keep the wedding as inexpensive as possible but still looking nice! 
I feel so behind lol!
What should/shouldn't be done by now? I dont even know where to begin

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    Welcome wedding twin @PBorgstede91 Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I have basically everything booked. I still owe on everything lol. I try on my dress tomorrow because it came in. I won't do any alterations until closer. Honeymoon is booked and just booked our airline tickets last night. I'm surprising fiancé by upgrading our return home flight to first class!
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  • @PBorgstede91 WELCOME!!!

    For me, everything is mostly done. Some things are picked but not ordered yet. I picked my invitations but will order them next month, I picked my flowers but have to go back for samples. All dresses (mine, maids, fgirls, MOB and MOG) are picked, tuxes are picked, room blocks are set in 3 different hotels. DJ/Band/Photographer booked. I am still trying to find a photobooth so I am waiting on that.  Rehearsal dinner venue was just decided this week. And I think our last BIG thing is booking the honeymoon!

    Good luck! If you need any help, let us know!
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