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Hi girls, 

My FI and I are having our honeymoon paid for as a gift  and we plan on going after our wedding sept 12. Everything is planned and ready to be booked by the people. However, I just got a second interview for an interim position. It would be June, Sept and Oct. The teacher is suppose to be back Nov. but you never know. I have a great chance of getting this job, but I am worried to take off for a week in the 3rd week of sept. If I was offered the job should I tell them my HM is already booked. Do you think they would still give me a contract? Please help. I always wanted to take my honeymoon right after my wedding, but I don't want to look bad!


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    I've always been upfront in interviews about previously made plans, and it hasn't been a problem so far.  But no guarantees that you'll get it anyway.  

    Personally, we got married in March over spring break and did our HM over the summer so we could take a longer vacation.  You might want to go right after the wedding, but it might not work with a teaching schedule.  I was exhausted after the wedding and didn't want to travel (other than go home as we did a DW)

    Also remember what it might cost you to take that week anyway.  In my board, I'd lose my pay, have to pay for my supply teacher and lose my pension.  I'd be out close to $2000 extra plus pension just for that week.  If that's the case for you, is it worth it to go??

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    I would be honest.  Our school has hired long term subs who have had life situations previously planned.  We actually hired someone in January to fulfill a position through the end of the school year.  We did so knowing she was marrying in February and would require a week off following the wedding.   Assure them you will have your lesson plans laid out well and early for them to review if necessary.

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    I'd wait til u get an offer then let them know. Hopefully they are understanding (should be)
  • If you think you have a good chance of getting the job, I would put that first.  Honeymoons don't have to come directly after the wedding.  I'm waiting 3 weeks to go on mine.  A lot of my friends waited months because they are also teachers.  They all were happy they waited because it gave them a chance to relax after the wedding, and gave them something to look forward to.  I think getting the job and showing commitment is much more important, and I don't know many teachers that even feel comfortable taking off during the school year.  

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    I agree with the others that you should be honest and tell them. Worse comes to worse could you take your honeymoon after the position ends, or maybe during Christmas break? I'm a teacher, I got married in December but I'm not taking my honeymoon till August.


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