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Can we get our money back?

So my fiancé and I signed with a photographer late last year. I had done a lot of research beforehand and she had great reviews on The Knot, and her work was just as nice in person. We decided to sign with her as our photographer for our e-pics, bridals, and our wedding day. She was running a special where, if we paid in full for our package, we would get bumped up to the next highest package at no charge. Looking back, I wish we hadn't done this and had simply done a deposit, but given how many positive reviews she had I did not see any issues with paying in full.

We took our e-pics back in December, and selected which pictures we wanted to be edited in early February. Our contract states that edits will take six weeks after they have been chosen, but 'slight delays' may occur. Fast forward to today, and we still only have one image that was edited (and we only got that after telling her we needed at least one for our STDs). That means she's taken over double the amount of time stated in the contract.

Since our shoot, I've been the only one initiating any conversation between the two of us about the pictures, and each time I bring up the delay she has some sort of lame excuse. She's been very difficult to reach, and we are tired of not getting what we paid for. The contract states no refunds, but given that she's already far exceeded her deadline for getting us our edits, I think the contract is basically void.

All of this to you think I could get a full refund from her and find someone else? Or least get back everything except the cost of an engagement session (since that shoot was completed)? I don't want to deal with this through the rest of my planning!

Re: Can we get our money back?

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    I think you need to talk to a lawyer. I would try everything I could to get out of the contract and get a refund. Six week turn around should never turn into six months, that's very unprofessional. 

    Don't tell her you are contacting a lawyer. Find out if they think you have legal grounds to void the contract. If you don't, you don't want to make things any more difficult with her than they already are. GL!

    ETA - I see you didn't get gat to her for 2 months. She is still 6 weeks past due. That's still not a good sign.
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  • That's extremely unprofessional of her. What does your contract state? Often times I've seen photographers write pretty screwy contracts to where if YOU do anything she doesn't like, she can void the contract and keep the money, but they don't protect you against if SHE does anything out of contract. I agree with @photokitty that you should speak with a lawyer. If you found her on TheKnot, then I'm guessing she's pretty pricey since I haven't seen any photographers with good rates on here. Personally, you have every right to get your money back for everything, including the engagement shoot since you don't have the photos in hand, but you should find a lawyer. And definitely don't tell her you're getting a lawyer, or seeking legal action because she will just try to screw you even more.
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