Two different color schemes for one wedding? - Need advice!!

Hey all,

  I am getting married in May of 2016. My wedding colors are Navy and pastels. So navy is for bridesmaid dresses, chair bows, table cloths, ties, etc; Pastel colors for all flowers.

 My ceremony spot is in an outside park setting. The actual structure is wood, white chairs, burgundy aisle runner and platform towards the front. I feel like the above colors (pastels, fun, spring, bright, etc) wouldn't look right with the rustic ceremony setting.

  I was thinking of doing an all white ceremony or have a red/burgundy and white décor for the ceremony. Have you ever heard of someone doing two different color schemes for one wedding? Is that weird? Am I being bridal OCD and worrying about something minor?

  I will be booking my florist soon so I am trying to figure out exactly what I will need her for. Thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions.

Re: Two different color schemes for one wedding? - Need advice!!

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I actually think your color scheme would look beautiful in an outdoorsy venue. And the burgundy aisle runner isn't really going to detract from honestly sounds like a really minor part of the whole venue look anyway. People aren't going to look at a burgundy aisle runner and think "omg, it doesn't match her colors!". The wooden structure and white chairs will just be a neutral background to your main color scheme of navy and pastels. I think you're overthinking things and worrying over nothing.

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Yeah pastels and rustic decor will go perfectly fine together. And don't worry about the aisle runner. When you start trying to tie that into your color scheme it will become more noticeable. Kind of like putting lipstick on a pig.

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