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bridal registry and save the dates?

Hey Ladies!

So how far in advance did you ladies start your bridal registry? Also, how far in advance is a good time to send out "save the date" cards?


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  • julieanne912julieanne912 member
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    The registry is one of the first things I did.  We got engaged 7 months from our wedding date though.  I wanted to do something that felt "wedding planningy" but there wasn't a whole lot else to do at that point.  I just go in about once a month and check on it.  So far the worst one has been Crate & Barrel, but even then it's not that big of a deal to delete stuff and add in something else, I think it's kinda fun :)
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Re: bridal registry and save the dates?

  • Hey ladies

    Thanks for the advice. We have a pretty solid invite list. Once we do the tasting at our venue on Wednesday, we'll know if we are going to officially book. We gave the deposit to secure the date, but we had the put a clause that if we didn't like the food that we can get our deposit back so I'm hoping all goes well and we book it because I love it. Anyway, once we know for sure we're booking there we're going to do a once over on the invite list so it will be straight. If we do book this Wednesday, we'll be getting married August 2016 so we'll be 14 months out. We have family that would probably purchase off the registry for Christmas and possibly our birthdays. So I'm pondering the idea of doing it early and I guess maintaining it if I have to.
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  • Thanks Julieanne912! I think it'll be fun and I'm super excited and need something to do! lol I'm in New Jersey so I don't think we have Crate & Barrel?? Unless it's just strictly online? I know I'm going to do Bed Bath & Beyond, I'm not sure where else I'm going to pick especially because I have a really nice china set from my soon-to-be mother-in-law already.
  • @Julieanne912 we also have a large guest list of 230. I LOVE Target and totally thought about doing one there too! I'm not sure where I would pick for my "high." We have already lived together for quite some time and are pretty established so we have a lot. Some things I would of course like to replace like my pot and pans etc... The most expensive things on my list I assume will be pots and pans, kitchen-aide mixer, and an espresso/cappuccino machine everything else will fall below that like towels, sheets, curtains and some bakeware. I guess I'll really have to start looking at what we need now in order to do the list lol
  • Thanks for letting me know ladies! Paramus is about an hour away from me. I'll check them out online and maybe use them for strictly online.
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