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Venue: Rincon, Puerto Rico

Hey all!  Has anyone used 8th & Ocean Beachfront Villas in Rincon, PR for their ceremony and/or reception?  Or have you been a guest there?  Did you like it?  What was your experience?

The place is cute and quaint, very laid-back and right on the ocean.  We plan on having a relatively intimate wedding (50 guests MAX) and thought this was great since our entire wedding party (and then some) could stays in the Villas.  We're also going for a more budget-friendly celebration, as opposed to the European-style hotels with 5,000,000 amenities, therefore much more expensive.

If you haven't been to 8th & Ocean, is there any other venue you would recommend?  This is my first post, so I'm trying to find out as much as possible!  I also only have a year to plan! Please feel free to recommend any services/vendors, venues, or whatever comes to mind!

Thanks ladies & gents!

Re: Venue: Rincon, Puerto Rico

  • My niece ad her husband went to PR for their honeymoon and stayed in Villas.. I am not sure if it as this place but I will ask. Where ever it  was they stayed though... it was BEAUTIFUL.
  • Ok.. I just spoke with her and she said that they stayed at a place called "Maravilla"

    Said it wasn't touristy and it was very romantic and private..  "It felt like our own little secluded spot"


    I know a few people FROM PR... I will ask them what they think.


  • Thank you so much, Skippy0827!  I Googled it and both locations are absolutely GORGEOUS!  They're just not big enough to accommodate my wedding party and guests.  Plus, the place is Vegan, which on a normal day I wouldn't mind, but I'm going for an authentic Puerto Rican experience which includes meat (and my fiancée will mind)!  But I do appreciate any info you have to share!
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