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Newly engaged and lost

Hello, i'm recently engaged and planning for a wedding in late sept of 2016. My fiance and I know we want a small (about 20 people) wedding in Hawaii.. Probably Maui. Anyways, I don't know where to start. I've been looking at wedding packages online, But I have so many questions.

The wedding packages include only the ceremony, right? So how do you go about planning out the reception? Do you hire a wedding planner in Maui or out from your area?

Your experiences/advice are appreciated!

Re: Newly engaged and lost

  • We had 26 people (including myself, my husband and our daughter).  It really depends on your budget and what you want.   We didn't do a package through a resort, as it wasn't what we were after.  Here is the link to my review of our vendors.  We used Food For The Soul for our catering and they also offer a coordinating service.  They were amazing and allow you to be as involved as you want.  

  • I'm not sure about Maui, but I am getting married in Jamaica this October and we went through the hotel for the wedding ceremony and reception which is included in the package. I would start off by contacting hotels in the area you would like to get married in and ask them all the questions you can and figure out if going a la carte or a package would be ideal for you.

    I would say a wedding planner in Maui is a good idea because they would have relationships with the vendors there and will probably know where all the good deals are. So your first step would be to contact hotels and wedding planners in Maui with your questions.
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