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I am a pretty organized person.. soo I am attempting to come up with a wedding day (or weekend) itinerary for myself, and the bridesmaids. I am struggling with times and what order to do things.. hair, make up, etc. The only thing I for sure know is that our ceremony is at 6:30 pm! What do you guys think? Any ideas or templates?

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    Probably a good idea to ask your bridal party who wants to have hair and/or makeup done first, and then let your hair and makeup stylists know so that they can let you know how much time they will need to work on x amount of bridesmaids, plus yourself of course. I have 9 bridesmaids who all want their hair and makeup done, so I need to assume it will take several hours for hair and makeup. In my experience, one bridesmaid will be having her hair done and another bridesmaid will be having her makeup done, and then everyone kind of rotates like that.

    I have a late ceremony as well and have something like this for my timeline:

    1pm -- mani/pedis at the local spa
    4pm -- rehearsal ceremony
    5pm -- rehearsal dinner

    10am -- breakfast and head to bridal suite
    11am -- make up artists and hair stylists to arrive to bridal suite
    5pm -- pictures
    6pm -- ceremony and reception

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  • I am making mine: it also includes all the phone numbers to all of the bridal party, addresses to all the places, and venders contact info.. I am handing it out to all the vendors, bridal party, and parents.. 
    10/9/15 REHEARSAL
    • 4:30pm—meet at ______ to set up anyone and everyone!!
    • 6:00pm—Meet at Church
    • 6:30pm—Rehearsal
    • 7:00pm—Go to dinner at ____
    • 9:00pm— go home, GET GOOD NIGHTS REST!!!
    • 10/10/15 WEDDING DAY!!!
    • 12:00 Eat a large lunch!!!! You don’t eat dinner until 8PM!!
    • 1:00pm— Head to _______ Salon
    • 1:30pm— Hair appointment   
      • ***Bring hair piece, veil, picture of hair
    • 3:15pm — All Bridesmaids and Bride arrive at _____ Salon  have hair done if not attending salon with bride  
    • 3:30pm — Bridesmaids makeup start ***Bring Lipstick
      • Vendors Start arriving for setup at Meadowbrook
        • Caterer
        • Cake
        • DJ
    • 3:30pm—Pre-ceremony photos Brides makeup *** Bring Lipstick
    • 5:00pm —  Bride/Groom, Parties arrive at Church
      • Ushers set up programs and ceremony items
    • 5:15pm—Guests begin to arrive
    • 5:45pm—Invite time
    • 6:00pm—Ceremony starts
    • 6:40pm—Ceremony ends after the recession
      •  Bride and groom get in to limo and spend 20 minutes together alone.
    • 7:00pm—Bride, groom Bridal party, and immediate family (moms, brothers, sisters) stay for pictures at church
      • Guests move to cocktail hour at ____
    • 7:30pm—DJ announces
      • ___ extended family, Cable family, Russell family, Baum  Family to pavilion
    • 7:45pm—DJ announces
      • Ryan’s extended family, ______ family to  pavilion
    • 8:00pm—Bridal party moves to buffet line (photographer, any vendors)
    • 8:10pm—Guests enter the Buffet line
    • 8:30pm —Toasts- Bride and Groom, the maid of honor, followed by the best man.
    • 9:00pm—First dance, bride/brother dance,  Groom/Mother dance, Mother/Son dance
    • 9:45pm—Garter/Bouquet Toss
    • 9:30pm— Cake cutting/Dessert served
    • 9:45pm— Dancing
    • 12:00pm—End time/Guests out/Sparkler send off!
    • 12:45am—Breakdown done/Vendors depart after party _____!!

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  • This is soooo helpful! Thanks, @ryanandjoe4! And thanks for asking the question, @pstover88 :)
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