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Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Details

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We have a ways to go and FMIL has agreed to plan the rehearsal dinner. When would it be appropriate to ask her how things are going and try to get some information? She is mentally flaky and FI and I both are concerned about how well thought out she is going to be. (She's the kind of person who invites people to her house weeks in advance and tells her family the morning of and expects them to drop everything to clean and prepare while she is at work....and when asked how many people, she will recall 4 but 20 show up because she didn't remember who she invited.) 

I don't want to be rude and I like the idea of not having to plan these pre-wedding parties but am a detailed person and fairly concerned. Rehearsal is Thursday before the Saturday wedding.

On a side note, she is also throwing us a couples shower and told me one date, I got a half day at work for it and then she reserved the venue for the day before at a completely different I have to go back and correct it with my boss....she isn't one to think about everyone or everything involved.

Re: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Details

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    I would have your fiancé check in on it about a month or so out. It isn't something that needs much planning and prep. It's mostly just a dinner reservation, possibly renting out a room in a restaurant depending on size. We organized ours just a couple weeks before.
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  • It's all being DIYed by her. She is cooking, decorating, everything. I will wait some time but it's the fact that she is doing everything solo that concerns me.
  • It is OK to ask her if she needs any help, but if she says no then respect that.  Just make sure that the appropriate people are invited.  Depending on your relationship with her either you can ask her or if it makes you feel uncomfortable have your H ask her. 

    My MIL can be very flaky too so I get where you are coming from, but she did not let us down and planned a very nice rehearsal dinner.  We checked in with her about it about a month or so ahead and she asked for location recommendations (it was OOT to her) and some menu's, so the next time I was in the area wedding planning I went to three restaurants and got her some info.  She asked H and I which place we liked the best and she went with that choice.  She planned everything else. 

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