Entertainment for Bachelorette

There isn't much in the way of gentleman entertainment in Lancaster. I even put up an ad on Craigslist with little result. Anyone have a referral or a friend that just wants to dance around and make bride to be blush?

I'm not looking to get too crazy. For mine, my friends solicited an attractive guy friend and had him wear a ridiculous outfit and put on a little show. He had a blast but it's not appropriate to use him again because he's now bachelorette's business partner. Blushing and laughs were had by all and then we continued with some bar hopping that evening - hot cop even tagged along for some of the night which was a hoot and made for some fabulous pictures.

I'm looking to spend about $100 for 30 minutes of someone's time and I want them to only do what makes them comfortable and that would be discussed ahead of time.


Re: Entertainment for Bachelorette

  • This made me giggle a bit:)  Not aware of anything but Savannahs on Hannah in Harrisburg has male review nights I think once a month or so.  Another option could be a group boudoir shoot which is becoming popular in the area.  A bunch of girlfriends get together with their favorite photographer to create sexy photos to take home and share with their spouses or just ogle over themselves.
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