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Domain Purchase Refund

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I have had no luck contacting the knot (via [email protected] or [email protected]) about switching my wedding website to the new website builder. I purchased a personal domain and it's frustrating not being able to even use the site since I know I will have to "rebuild it from scratch." 

Due to this lack of communication, I have requested a refund of my domain purchase and would like my domain name changed back to the default one given upon registering. However, once again I have heard nothing back. 

I do not know where to turn for help. I have tried contacting customer service by phone but I could not get through and I do not believe they are open over the weekend. I would appreciate any help that this forum and/or the administrators could provide. Thank you. 

Re: Domain Purchase Refund

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    Hi there,

    I apologize for the issues you've been experiencing and the lack of response. I have reached out directly to our customer service team to make sure you receive the proper help for this. Again, I am sorry and I will update you right away once I hear back from them. 

    Thank you,
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